Twitter's blue tick verification started again, users apply in this way

Twitter's blue tick verification started again, users apply in this way


Micro-blogging site Twitter has relaunched the blue tick verification process. Now users can apply to get their account verified. The company says that we are very happy that we have restarted the verification application process. 

This step of ours will prove to be a stone in providing greater transparency and reliability. For your information, let us know that the verification process was stopped in the year 2017. 

Twitter has said that only six types of accounts will get blue ticks. They include government, company-brand, sport-gaming, entertainment, journalists, and organizer-influential people. 

Twitter has further stated that by the end of this year, we will include a category like scientific, education, and religious leaders for verification.

This is the process of Twitter verification:

• Your name on Twitter should be your real name or similar. The same rule also applies in the case of a company.

• On Twitter, you have to enter the verified phone number, confirmed email ID, detailed information about the person or company, or brand.

• A real photo of the company, brand, or account user will have to be given.

• Birthday information has to be given in case of a personal account.

• Setting public tweets in the privacy setting of Twitter.

• By going to, you will have to tell us what work you do, for which your account should be verified.

• Uploading a scanned copy of a government-issued identification document. (Eg, driver's license or passport)

• Continue completing the steps on one by one.

• After this, Twitter will send you an email to tell whether your account is verified or not. If your account is not verified, then repeat the same process again after 30 days.

Work is going on shopping feature:

Twitter is working on its exclusive shopping feature. Testing of this feature is first being done on Android phones, so it is being speculated that these features will be available to the first Android phone users. 

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According to media reports, Twitter's shopping feature was first seen in Qatar, and its information was given by UK social media consultant Matt Navarra.

It has been reported in the report that testing of Twitter's shopping feature has been started in Qatar and there have been seen the option of shopping carts and shopping links in the Twitter app of some Android users.

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