What is Gumastha: How to Register/Renew Commercial Gumastha License?

What is Gumastha: How to Register/Renew Commercial Gumastha License?

Gumastha License is nothing but a License that is used when any Person or a Firm wants to start a small business/business firm in the region of Navi Mumbai or Thane or in the state of Maharashtra.

Advantages of Gumsatha License:-

• Legal Entity Proof: 

If any person/firm wants to start a business in the region of Navi Mumbai they must have at least one legal entity proof of doing business in the name of their business/business firm, that proof will give them a legal right to do business.

• Business Bank Account:

Business transactions are mostly done in Current Account, & All Banks required a minimum of one legal proof to open a Current Ac in their Bank and they mostly required Gumastha.

• Registered Business:

Gumastha License Registered your Business with Maharashtra State Government so your Business name will be registered in their records which will give you all Government benefits for your Business.

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How to Register/Renewal for Gumastha License?

3 Steps for Gumastha Application:

1. Fill-up Application Form

2. Make Online Payment Card/UPI via a secured payment

3. Certificate in your hands.

Registration Procedure:

• Go to Official Website: Mahakamgar Maharashtra Gumastha

• For Renewal/Duplicate Gumastha: Duplicate Certification Shop Establishment

• For New Registration: Registration of Shop Establishments

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