Zerodha's Co-Founder Nikhil Kamath Shares a Philosophical 'Life Hack' for Entrepreneurs

In a recent event that has caught the attention of the entrepreneurial community, Nikhil Kamath, the co-founder of Zerodha. 

India's largest brokerage firm, shared some unconventional wisdom for struggling entrepreneurs. Known for his candid approach, Kamath's message was both stark and uplifting: "Hum sab marne waale hain" (We are all going to die).

This existential reminder served as the backdrop for Kamath's life hack for entrepreneurs facing challenges. He urged them not to take life too seriously and to embrace the impermanence of everything. Drawing from his own experiences, Kamath, who once hated school and lived in fear, advised against living a life constrained by conformity and fear of judgment.

Kamath's philosophy is not just talk. He has put his money where his mouth is with the launch of the WTFund, a non-dilutive grant agnostic fund dedicated to nurturing young entrepreneurs under the age of 25. 

This initiative aims to provide a comprehensive growth platform for emerging founders, creators, makers, and dreamers, offering them financial support and a unique opportunity to engage with a vibrant community of like-minded individuals.

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The WTFund is set to support exceptional young entrepreneurs with a non-dilutive grant of Rs 20 Lakh, allowing founders to retain full equity in their ventures. In addition to financial support, the fund will provide access to operator-first mentorship pods, a vibrant community through the WTF ecosystem, and feedback opportunities, among other benefits.

Kamath's message resonates with many in the startup world, where the pressure to succeed can often lead to an overwhelming fear of failure. His advice to have more fun in life and not fret over minor setbacks is a refreshing take in an industry often characterized by intense competition and high stakes.

As Kamath shared in a video on his social handle, "Nothing is permanent, to where the world is going, time spent on conformity/judgement is just time wasted."

His words serve as a reminder to young entrepreneurs that in the grand scheme of things, the risks and fears associated with starting a new venture are transient, and what truly matters is the journey and the joy it can bring.

Nikhil Kamath's life hack for entrepreneurs is a call to action to live fully, take risks, and remember that in the end, we are all in the same boat, navigating the unpredictable waters of life and business¹²³.

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