Jio Flex 5G Phone Look & 5G Services in 150 Days !!

Jio Flex 5G Phone Look & 5G Services

Aruna Sundararajan Telecom Secretary recently said that transformation from 4G to 5G services could happen much faster compared to 3G to 4G happened.

In India, Reliance Jio is starting to launch 5th Generation or 5G, As Mukesh Ambani has owned telco which will help 5G to launch in India in between 2019-2020.

The government recently said that it allocates Air services in a Quick and fastest way compare to 4G services whose speed will be 100 times faster in 2019.

Jio 5G LTE network is fully supported & has been released & can be launch but some work are in progress of Jio 5G, they are deploying some optic wires which can be very useful for a 5G LTE network.

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