Clickbank Account Disabled in India (Solved)

Hello, friends are you all having problems creating an account in Clickbank, If yes then do read this article to get help and create an account without any Clickbank account disabled in India.

Clickbank Account Disabled in India (Solved)

What is ClickBank?

Clickbank is a leading Global Retailer and Affiliate marketplace. They empower the audience to become an Affiliate, Seller, and Grow them and get Earned.

Note: You can mail them with ID proof like Passport & mention Country. 

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Why is my Clickbank account disabled?

As Clickbank is receiving more spam & fraudulent activities from India and they've changed or banned giving accounts in some countries like India.

Create Clickbank Account in India without being disabled

To create a ClickBank account without being disabled follow the below steps.

1. Add this VPN extension to Chrome

2. Add this Cookie Remover Extension to Chrome

2. Click on the upper VPN extension and connect it to Germany

Now follow the steps to create an account

1. Visit the Clickbank website

2. Now click on the upper extension of delete cookie and Delete the cookies

3. Now click on the Signup button

4. Select Germany country

5. Enter your name & last name

6. Enter this Number - (+49-160-5555-719)

7. Enter your Real Email ID

8. Create Password & Accept the terms & conditions

9. Now click on Join Clickbank

10. Want a Head Start? No.

11. Click on Complete My Profile

12. Now Enter the Street Adress - (Brandenburgische Straße 37)

13. Select State as Berlin

14. Enter the city name - (Berlin Malchow)

15. Enter the Zipcode - (13088)

16. Enter Payee Name as your name

17. Let's Optimize Your Performance - Promote as an affiliate

18. Company's annual income - 0$ - 25K$

That's it your account will be opened soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is ClickBank banned in India?

Ans - No, Clickbank is not banned in India as it is an international affiliate network and does work in India.

2. How can I open a ClickBank account in India?

Ans - Yes, you can open a ClickBank account in India without any problem. Just follow the above steps of the article.

3. What is better than ClickBank?

Ans - ShareAsale is the best alternative for the Clickbank affiliate program. One can go for Amazon Affiliates.

4. How much does it cost to become a ClickBank affiliate?

Ans - To become a Clickbank affiliate there is no cost required. It is Free for everyone to join the ClickBank affiliate program.

5. Does ClickBank pay through PayPal?

Ans - No, ClickBank does not support Paypal for payments. Clickbank pays by Cheque or Bank Deposit only.


  1. my all doubts are clear now , thanks

  2. Still Showing Account Dissabled Why

    1. If you are still not able to open a ClickBank account then contact us here:

      we will open a ClickBank account for you without using VPN.

  3. Can you please open account for me i have try many times but not able to open it

  4. I too faced the same problem while creating account in Click Bank.
    I am from India and I tried the above steps using 2 of me different email id's , unfortunately both of them failed and it says Account is disabled ;-(
    Very Very disappointed ;-(

    Hemanth Kumar

    1. Sorry!! I think it's Account Specific issue.

  5. is my email id . Any suggestion would be deeply appreciated.

  6. After creating a Germany account how to set payout ?

    1. Good question mate... you probebly have to open pioneer account for that but what if i tell you that we can open your clickbank account still in india.

      contact us here :

  7. after following all steps for registration,it still shows account disabled

    1. i can create an account for you...Whatsapp me if interested ..No- +918146581287

  8. Any help will be greatly appreciated

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