Become JioMart Franchise in 2021: Apply Distributorship, Cost, Download Jiomart App

Recently Reliance Jio has launched an e-commerce platform of its own to compete with some e-commerce websites like Amazon Flipkart, Big Baskets, and Growers. Yes, we are talking about JioMart.

So today we will know How to Become JioMart Franchise in 2021 and How to Apply for Distributorship? What is the Cost? How to Download Jiomart App?.

Now people in the country are getting the facility to use JioMart like other e-commerce websites and apps to buy the same at home. Apart from this, if you want to join this and give this service to the people, they can also register and earn big money by registering in it.

What is Jiomart First of all know JioMart is a shopping portal and app? Which connects shopkeepers and consumers with each other. In this, customers can order anything sitting at home for anything. Shoppers can register and enter a list of their products by registering in this portal and app. In this, customers can order the product according to their needs. After receiving the order, the goods are delivered to the shopkeeper through the JioMart service.

Specialties of JioMart:

• With the launch of JioMart, Mukesh Ambani has also given a tag line of it is a new store in the country. 

• All the procedures and operations related to logistics and payment etc. have been taken care of in JioMart. 

• JioMart has just started shopping for groceries. In the coming years, it may also include shopkeepers selling other products. 

• The main feature of JioMart is that customers can also place orders through their WhatsApp number. 

• It is targeted to include a list of at least 50 thousand grocery products in the JioMart portal and app. The products involved will be for everyday needs such as soaps, shampoo, and all the grocery-related items that may be needed at home.

• If you want to invest in JioMart stocks. So for this, you will have to invest in Reliance stocks as JioMart is a part of it.

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How to Download JioMart App:

• To Download the JioMart app, Visit Google Play Store

• Apart from this, you are also able to download it on your Android phone with the help of the Google Play Store.

• If you are an iPhone user, you can benefit from this by downloading it from the Apple App Store. 

• When you download the JioMart app on your phone or device, then you will have to register in it. 

• For this, you have to register through your WhatsApp mobile number. 

• In this, you can register using the mobile number of any network, for which it is not necessary that you have a WhatsApp account with a live network.

How to Register for JioMart Distributor:

• If you want to become a distributor of JioMart, then adopt these steps for this. 

• If you want to earn money by becoming a distributor of JioMart, then first of all you should get this official link. 

• Here you will have some points written in front of you and read it and click on the IM Interested button. 

• After this, some details will be asked on the other page in front of you, you will have to give all that information. 

• Then you will have to verify after captcha code interception and finally click on submit button. 

• After this, a message will come in front of you that your registration has been done as a distributor of JioMart.

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Documents Required during Registration:

• Passport size photograph for ID 

• Voter ID or Aadhaar card copy for identification 

• Address proof document 

• Certificate of your shop or firm 

• Pan card 

• GST certificate.

Before becoming a Distributor, consider these things:

• If you want to do business by becoming a distributor with JiMart, then you must have the necessary infrastructure. 

• With this, the company whose distributorship you can take must be a well-known company or brand. 

• The infrastructure along with the finance should also be very strong in your place or firm where you are doing business with this distributorship. 

• You should have good relations with other retail shoppers in the market.

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Advantages of JioMart:

• JioMart is also providing a free home delivery service to the customers. 

• There is no minimum order value available in it. 

• Customers are given both online and offline facilities to make purchases at JioMart. 

• If a customer has to return a product, then he will not be asked any questions while returning that product. 

• Along with this, it has also promised fast express delivery. With JioMart customers can buy products from any shop in their area. 

• Through JioMart, your savings can increase by 3 thousand rupees. 

• Owners of a minimum of 3 crore grocery stores in the country can benefit from this app and portal. With this, up to 20 crores, customers can register to place orders in it.

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