Big news for Facebook users: You can earn so much money by making 1 minute video, But...

Big news for Facebook users: You can earn so much money by making 1 minute video, But...

If you want to earn money from social media, then this news is for you. The world's largest social media platform Facebook is giving people a special opportunity to earn money. Facebook Inc said on Thursday that 'it will allow content creators on its platform to monetize short-form videos through advertisements.'

The company has announced this through a blog. In this blog of the company, it has been told that 'Facebook will now help the creators to make more money, where the creators will be able to make money through advertising by making short videos. The company is planning for this. Facebook has also told that 'In what ways can people earn on Facebook?'

So let's know what Facebook said:

The company is now increasing the demonetization option for content creators on social networks. According to the information received from the company, users on Facebook will be able to earn money by making videos for up to 1 minute. But the condition is that this one-minute video should run for at least 30 seconds. This means that your favorite creators will get more money from their videos.

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The company says that 'users or page will require 6 lakh views in their videos in the last 60 days in total. For the new advertising system of live video, it would be necessary to watch 60,000 minutes of people's videos. The company is also working on a new feature to tip its favorite page with a 'star'.

Let us know that the company already shows advertisements between videos on its Instagram platform. The company is now making a new experiment with showing those advertisements.

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