Drishyam 2 - Movie Review: You will be punished for the crime you have committed.

Drishyam 2 Full Review - The untold rule of this world is that whatever you do, you will get the result. It is especially applicable to those who have committed the crime, if they have committed a crime, whatever the reason; They will be punished (You can watch this movie on Amazon Prime in the Malayalam language).

Drishyam 2 - Movie Review: You will be punished for the crime you have committed.

What is the story of visual 2?

Scene 2 starts right where the first scene ended. Georgekutty (Mohanlal) Varun's corpse is going back to the police station at 3:30 pm. But, this time the twist is that a killer named Jose, running himself from the police, sees him in the police station and ignores and runs towards his house. Outside his house, he is caught by the police and he is sentenced to life. 

Now the story moves forward 6 years where George and his family are living comfortably. But now George has owned a movie theater. Going to produce a film against her wife. He has an idea which he is getting into a script by a famous writer.

Twist returns, despite the court rebuke Investigation, is going on against Inkhane George. Due to this, people are also making different kinds of things and the neighborhood that once used to be in George's favor has now turned against and, Jose tells the police where Georgecutty hid the corpse.

Both belong to Jeetu Joseph. The last scene was also from his pen, the writing is not as much to be admired this time. I do not want to give a spoiler but the way the story is summed up, it is going to force you to clap from the seat. 

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The direction seems a bit dull, it seems that the foreplay is very long and it gets tired at some places. Then it might be distracting to see Malayalam with English subtitles as well. But the end of the film justifies everything.

Everyone did amazing in Dishyam 1, the same situation in Dishyam 2. In all the movies that I have seen to date, no one has thought that he is acting. It seems that he is really George and is trying hard to save the family. Meena has also done very good acting. Unsiba and Esther are also strong. Anasiba's police station scene is one of the best scenes.

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