Rajesh Khattar's wife exposed- Savings ended in two years

The condition of every human has worsened due to the coronavirus. Many have lost their jobs and are facing many other difficulties. The impact of Corona on the Bollywood and the TV industry has also been very bad. 

Rajesh Khattar's wife exposed- Savings ended in two years

Since last year, many TV shows have been closed so far and shooting of films is hardly happening. In such a situation, now, Vandana Sajanani, wife of TV actor Rajesh Khattar, has revealed that her financial condition is not good.

Vandana Sajanani has told that in the last two years she has spent all her savings for the family's medical treatment. Speaking in an interview, Rajesh Khattar had said that it was a nightmare for a family member to get a bed in the hospital.

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At the same time, his wife Vandana has said that he had no work. Because of this, he had to use his savings. In a conversation with a website, Vandana Sajanani said that she was busy taking care of her son during the first wave of Corona. At the same time, she was also suffering from postpartum depression. 

He said, 'The last time I was in the hospital, I did not know what was happening outside. I had postpartum depression in May last year. My condition was very bad when the lockdown took place. Since then, only the hospitalization is going on.

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Vandana further said, 'We are talking about a lot of savings here. As actors, many of our savings have gone into hospitalization throughout the year. There is no work at all and almost all the savings that were there went into the expenses of the hospitals and this two-year lockdown.'

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