The Big Bull Full Movie Review 2021

Last year, Hansal Mehta's first web series 'Scam 1992', which was based on Harshad Mehta aka The Big Bull - made an impact on the OTT screen. Kya kya kya old, Everyone saw this web series on SONY LIV

The Big Bull Full Movie Review 2021

Remembering the real Harshad Mehta, even at the time when Harshad had scammed, people who were not interested in the stock market, read the information about this scam with great interest. Unknowing people also came to know who Harshad Mehta is.

Abhishek Bachchan's The Big Bull, produced by Ajay Devgan Films, was set in 2020 but due to Corona, the editing final could not be done. Although the same has happened with every film stuck in the Corona era, Ajay will not even know how harmful his Big Bull is going to be.

Yes, speaking of the story, if you have not seen the scam 1992, then you might like it. Senior Journalist Meera Roy ( Ileana Di Cruz ) is addressing a press conference and a book is seen there stating 'The Big Bull'

Now the story reaches a flashback from here where Hemant gives a tip to Shah ( Abhishek Bachhan) in his office that Bombay Textile shares are about to jump. Only then it is known that his brother Viren ( Soham Shah ) had bought one and a half million shares in the name of a bogus company by borrowing from the stock market and now the recoveries are beating him.

This is where Hemant's rising begins. He makes one logical and researched deal one after the other, works inside a broker, and starts making good money by setting up with mill workers, and upon seeing it becomes The Big Bull of the stock market. Then, the same cycle of bank fraud and so-called tremors begins.

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Its story is based on Harshad Mehta but the screenplay is very cliche. This is the fourth film directed by Kuki Gulati and before this, two of the three films ( Prince and Pyare Mohan ) have created a lot of humor. 

Not breaking his record, he has made a very bad direction this time in The Big Bull as well. The screenplay is poor and one can fall asleep while watching half the film.

But when I talk about acting, Abhishek Bachchan is in control. Don't compare him to Prateik Gandhi because Prateik had ten episodes to develop the character, Abhishek had to do the same thing in two and a half hours and he has done it very beautifully.

Ileana has been average after him. She is neither good nor Hindi, nor does she appear to speak Bangla or hold an accent. Still, she looks good in two scenes. Soham Shah, who became Hemant's brother, has also looked below average. 

This was Soham Shah playing the lead in Tumbad, but here he could not freeze in the second lead. Saurabh Shukla has a low role but his dialogue is effective.

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Ram Kapoor also has a good look wise but his role is very limited. Mahesh Manjrekar is only for one and a half scenes. Nikita Dutta is also average. It is not something to be remembered. 

Sumit Vyas has definitely managed to leave his mark but what is his role. Sameer Sony has also got a lot of screens. The weakest episode of the film is his music. The title track The Big Bull makes a noise in the ears. 

Background music is also ineffective. It is the sound of the sound that when Soham throws a paperweight, the sound of breaking glass comes. Kulmilkar can be seen once and while drinking and eating only for Abhishek Bachchan's acting. 

But in that too, the direction and direction of editing is that Hemant Shah has been chased away in the back of the car for hours before killing him in jail. On the streets of the city that the city never sleeps. Police are running the richest man in the country in a jeep on the road so that he gets a heart attack? 

Thinking, or rather, I ask if there has been a conspiracy to write this scene by sniffing, Ajay Devgan himself might not have understood it either. Although this scene is also not clear, it is shown in the clips.


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  2. The image of Prateek Gandhi playing Harshad is so deeply imprinted our mind that it's impossible of imagine anyone replacing him

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