This Government company gained Rs 11,940 crore, issued a dividend of Rs 58 per share

The country's famous oil company Bharat Petroleum Corporation today released quarterly results. In which information was given about the increased profits of the company. This will benefit the shareholders.

This Government company gained Rs 11,940 crore, issued a dividend of Rs 58 per share

Government Oil Company Bharat Petroleum Corporation announced the quarterly results today i.e. on Wednesday. In which the company had a profit of Rs 11,940 crore. Under which a dividend of Rs 58 per equity share will be given to the shareholders.

According to these quarterly figures, the company's revenue grew 21.5 percent year-on-year to Rs 98,755.6 crore, much higher than analysts' estimates. The company's board approved a final dividend of Rs 58 per share, including a one-time special dividend of Rs 35 per equity share. The special dividend relates to the income collected from the shares sold by the company belonging to the BPCL trust.

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The final dividend will be paid at the AGM within 30 days from the date of its announcement. The interim dividend paid annually by the company is in addition to the final dividend, which is Rs 21 per equity share.

It may be known that BPCL's income in the same period last year was about Rs.3,30,662 crore. The company had a loss of Rs 2,958 crore in the same quarter of last year, but this time the company was expected to increase its income. Hence, shareholders will benefit after the results are declared.

Benefit from the sale of a stake in the refinery:

During the quarter, the company made a profit of Rs 9,422 crore from the sale of a stake in the subsidiary Numaligarh Refinery. However, in the subsidiary Bharat Petro Resources, the company has a loss of assets of Rs 2,032.8 crore.

Discussion of BPCL's privatization:

The government is selling a 52.98 percent stake in Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL). For this, the government invited bids. With this decision, 45 thousand crore rupees can come into the government treasury. The country's giant Vedanta had shown interest in this bid.

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