BattleGrounds Mobile India is different from PUBG Mobile, Know these 5 differences before downloading

BattleGrounds Mobile India (BGMI) i.e. PUBG Mobile is now available for everyone in Early Access India. 


The beta version of the game was introduced earlier on Thursday, which became available to a limited number of testers. At the same time, now Krafton has introduced Battleground Mobile India as an early access for all. 

Meaning now any Indian users can download this game to their phone and enjoy this new pubg mobile game. During the craze of PUBG Mobile, many untoward incidents were reported from all over the country, after which the game had to be criticized. 

But with BattleGrounds Mobile India, game makers don't want something like this to happen again. That's why Battlegrounds Mobile India has been revamped and made with new rules which is very different from PUBG Mobile. 

We have given further 5 such points which must be known before downloading Battlegrounds Mobile India on the phone, what is the difference between PUBG Mobile and BattleGrounds Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Vs PUBG Mobile: Privacy and Security

PUBG Mobile was banned only because of privacy and security. But Krafton has paid special attention to the security, privacy and data of players in BGMI. 

For players below 18 years of age, this policy has received more attention and emphasis. Players under the age of 18 will not be able to play this game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Vs PUBG Mobile: Blood Turns Green

Since the ban of PUBG Mobile last year, Crafton has made many changes to the game following the rules of the Government of India. Because of this, players will not see anything related to blood in Battlegrounds Mobile India. 

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That is, in the scenes of PUBG in which the color of blood was red, now in BGMI the red color has been replaced by green. However, it will definitely look strange to watch while playing. But this step has been taken keeping in view the minor players.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Vs PUBG Mobile: Playtime will be limited

During PUBG Mobile, there was a complaint of parents that their child is engaged in mobile all day and keeps playing PUBG. Many young people had to face physical and mental trouble for doing so. Many children had even left food at the right time due to the addiction of the game. 

But special care has been taken that this should not happen with BattleGrounds Mobile India. In this game, children below 18 years of age will be able to play this mobile game for a maximum of 3 hours in a day.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Vs PUBG Mobile: There will be a limit on spending money

 The addiction of playing the game had made many people such a victim along with quitting the food that the children had secretly wasted a lot of their parents' money in PUBG Mobile. 

But in Battlegrounds Mobile India, there is also a limit to spend money in the game. Any player can spend a maximum of Rs 7,000 in this game and upgrade game items in a day. Not only this, in order to spend money, the phone number of any elder in the house will also have to be verified.

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