Twitter Brand Feature is coming soon, Users will get information about account lock or closure

Twitter is about to bring a new feature for its users. The name of this feature is Notice. After the introduction of this feature, users will get information about the account being locked or suspended. At present, no information has been received regarding the official launch of this feature.

Twitter Brand Feature is coming soon, Users will get information about account lock or closure

Twitter Notice Feature: Microblogging site Twitter has been introducing new features for the convenience of its users. Also working on many great features. One of these is the Twitter Notice Feature. After the introduction of this feature, those users who have violated the rules of Twitter will get information about account closure or lock. Those users will be put into read-only mode.

A Twitter spokesperson says that we have started testing the new notice feature after receiving feedback from users. Selected Android, iOS, and web users have been included in this testing. It is expected that soon this feature will be released for all users.

Twitter Notice Feature:

In the new notice feature of Twitter, many guidelines have been made for those users whose accounts are suspended or locked. If your Twitter account is permanently suspended, you will need to file an appeal. On the other hand, if the account is locked, the account will be automatically unlocked after a week.

Twitter Fleets will be closed next week:

For your information, let us tell you that Twitter is going to stop its most special Fleets feature next week. The company says that this feature has not been successful in attracting users. For this reason, it has been decided to discontinue the Fleet feature. We are very sorry for this.

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The company started testing the Fleet feature in India, South Korea, Italy and Brazil in June 2020. After this, the feature was launched in November 2020. Talking about the Fleet feature of Twitter, under this photos and other messages are available only for 24 hours. After this these photos and messages automatically disappear.

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