What is Cloud Gaming & How it Works? 2021

Cloud Gaming is a rapidly growing technology today, which is often heard about. If you are fond of playing games, then you must have also heard the name of cloud gaming.

What is Cloud Gaming & How it Works? 2021

The new games available today are quite large and of high quality, which also require a powerful computer system or new gaming console to play. But nowadays with cloud gaming it becomes easier to play big games like this.  

Although cloud gaming technology has come in the video game world for a long time, its popularity has recently increased with the advent of the new Cloud Gaming Service. So let's know what is cloud gaming and how does it work.


Cloud gaming is a type of gaming technology in which the game runs through a cloud server and is streamed directly to the user's device.

As per its name, cloud gaming works on cloud servers without using any device. With cloud gaming, games can be played in the same way as we play on any other gaming platform.


Cloud gaming does not require any gaming console, only internet and any device like smartphone, smart TV or any computer or laptop can play many new and popular games.


There are many Cloud Gaming Services available today and many big companies are working on this technology.


 Advantages of Cloud Gaming:


To play the game in any other gaming platform such as Gaming Console or PC, the game has to be downloaded or the game disc has to be installed. Apart from this, how the game will run depends on the performance of that device, processor, RAM etc.

But in cloud gaming neither there is a need to download the game nor any gaming console is needed. In cloud gaming, the game is streamed to the user's device.

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In this, the game runs through the server and the processors used in it are in a data center, many thousands of kilometers away from the machine user.

In cloud gaming, the user can play any game on any device with internet connection and display. In this way gaming becomes very economical with cloud gaming, as it does not require any major hardware or console to run high end games. Also, the user does not even have to buy a new hardware every year to play new popular games.


How does cloud gaming technology work?


Nowadays many video streaming service or OTT service is being liked a lot. In this, people can watch movies, web series, TV shows etc. directly on their smartphones or other devices through the Internet and for this they do not need to download.

Similarly, cloud gaming technology also works and in this also the user does not have to download the game. Like video streaming, you can play the game directly without downloading it, it is also known as Game Streaming.

In cloud gaming, user input is taken through keyboard, mouse or controller while playing the game and it is sent to the server. The result is then sent back to the user's device as a stream. This process requires a good internet connectivity so that the game can be played without any lag.


Cloud Gaming Service is available to the user on a subscription basis. It has the option of a month-long subscription, with which the user gets some games with high quality streaming and sound.

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