What is Taliban: Know what is the meaning of Taliban, how did it rise?

First of all let us tell you what is the meaning of the word "Taliban". Taliban is a Pashton language. Students in Pashto language are called Taliban. 

What is Taliban: Know what is the meaning of Taliban, how did it rise?

Afghanistan has been occupied by Taliban and President Ashraf Ghani has also left the country. After leaving the country, he said that if I had not left the country, there would have been more bloodshed and the capital Kabul would have been completely ruined. 

After watching, reading and listening to the news of Taliban and Afghanistan throughout the day, the question must have come to your mind that what is this Taliban? If you also want to know what is Taliban and what is its purpose, then stay with this news. 

Taliban Rise In the decade of 1980, when the Soviet Union had brought troops to Afghanistan, it was the US who instigated the local Mujahideen to fight by providing them with weapons and training. 

As a result, the Soviet Union conceded defeat, but a radical terrorist organization, the Taliban, was born in Afghanistan. 

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It is said that the Talabani took education in the madrassas of Pakistan. However, Pakistan maintains that it has no role in the rise of the Taliban.

What is the purpose of Taliban: The roots of Taliban in Afghanistan are so strong that even after the landing of the army of many countries under the leadership of America, it could not be eradicated. 

Talking about the purpose of Taliban, it has only one objective that is to establish Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan.

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