Petrol Diesel Price: Brent crude crosses $76, unchanged on its 18th day

At this time, there is a shortage of natural gas all over the world. This has led to a huge increase in the price of gas. 

Petrol Diesel Price: Brent crude crosses $76, unchanged on its 18th day

Due to this, large customers of gas are shifting to petroleum goods instead. It is being reported that at present the demand for crude oil is increasing by one million barrels every day. 

The reason for the sudden increase in demand is that at this time, crude oil has risen once again. The crude oil market climbed once again on Wednesday due to higher-than-expected consumption and Brent crude crossed 76. 

But, in India, the government oil companies (Oil PSUs) did not change the price of petrol and diesel for the 18th consecutive day. Earlier, on Teacher's Day (September 05, 2021), petrol and diesel prices were reduced by 15 paise. 

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Petrol at Indian Oil's (IOC) pump in Delhi Market on Wednesday stood at Rs 101.19 per liter. The price of diesel is also fixed at Rs 88.62 per liter.

During the first quarter of this year, there was no increase in petrol prices in March and April last year due to Assembly elections in many states. Therefore, even though crude oil was expensive during that time, there was no increase in the price of petrol-diesel. 

However, since May 4, its prices have gone up. Petrol has become expensive by Rs 11.52 per liter in just 42 days. However, since Hardeep Singh Puri became the Petroleum Minister, its prices have been stable since July 18. 

On the day of Raksha Bandhan, its price was reduced by just 20 paise. Even two days after that, there is a decrease of 15 paise. After that, on September 1 and September 5, its price fell again by 15 paise. 

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