Petrol Diesel Price: Diesel became expensive for the third time in 4 days

Government Oil Companies on Monday again sharply increased the price of diesel (Diesel Price). 

The price of diesel has been increased by up to 25 paise per liter across the country. The price of diesel has been increased for the third time in the last 4 days.

Delhi 101.19 89.32
Mumbai 107.26 96.94
Kolkata 101.24 92.47

In 4 days, the price of diesel has gone up by 70 paise per liter. However, the price of petrol has not changed at the moment. 

Petrol at Indian Oil (IOC) pumps remained stable at Rs 101.19 per liter in Delhi Market on Monday. But diesel jumped 25 paise to Rs 89.32 per liter.

Why The Price Of Diesel Is Rising

Even though crude oil is selling expensively in the international market, the government oil companies are not raising prices accordingly. 

Even though diesel is an expensive fuel, it sells cheaper in India than petrol. Assembly elections were held in some states during the early months of this year. 

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During that time, there was no change in the price of diesel for 41 days. These days, the price has not changed in the last 18 days, but in the last 4 days, it has become expensive by 70 paise per liter.

The State Of Petrol

During the first quarter of this year, there was no increase in petrol prices in March and April last year due to Assembly elections in many states. 

Therefore, even though crude oil was expensive during that time, there was no increase in the price of petrol-diesel. However, since May 4, its prices have gone up a lot. 

Petrol has become expensive by Rs 11.52 per liter in just 42 days. However, since Hardeep Singh Puri became the Petroleum Minister, its prices have been stable since July 18. 

On the day of Raksha Bandhan, its price was reduced by just 20 paise. Even two days after that, there is a decrease of 15 paise. After that, on September 1 and September 5, its price was reduced by 15 paise again.

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