Twitter Restarted the verification process, find out how to get Blue Tick?

The micro-blogging site Twitter has resumed their account verification process. The company recently announced this.

Twitter Restarted the verification process, find out how to get Blue Tick?

Micro-blogging site Twitter has resumed its account verification process. The company recently announced this. 

According to TechCrunch, Twitter says users who want to verify will need to check their account settings frequently to access the app. (verification process Restarts from Twitter, find out how to get Blue Tick?)

Since the verification process was restarted, Twitter has encountered some errors, forcing them to shut down the verification process. 

The company then said it needed to improve both the application and verification process. The report says the micro-blogging site has been struggling with account verification for years. 

Everyone thinks that the blue tick that was previously given for the accounts of celebrities and other big people should now be given to ordinary users as well. This includes Twitter handles of government officials, journalists, celebs, brands or businesses.

There have also been frequent errors from Twitter during the verification process. Twitter verified Jason Keller's account and gave him a blue tick. 

But it was Jason who organized a deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Shortly afterwards, Twitter officially stopped verification, but quietly continued the verification process for certain individuals, including public sector dignitaries, elected candidates, government officials, journalists, and others.

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Meanwhile, the company has issued new rules, which more clearly state who can request this verification and who cannot. The demand for verification was so great that they had to stop the process eight days after Twitter was launched.

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Twitter has divided the process into 6 categories. This will include government, companies, brands and organizations, news organizations and journalists, social workers, entertainment, sports and gaming and other influential people. 

Your account must be active for the last 6 months to receive Blue Tick. The account should have followers as per the rules. You should not have broken any Twitter rules in the last 12 hours to 1 week. Account must contain profile photo, government ID and email id.

Everyone on Twitter will start seeing the new verification application directly in the Account Settings tab. After this the concerned users will have to provide their information by applying for Blue Tick. 

If all your information is correct, Twitter will give you a blue tick based on your application. If you do not receive a Blue Tick, you can reapply within 30 days.

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