How to Delete Your Instagram Account: Download Deleted Instagram Account Data

Instagram is a favorite app of many on social media. People are using this feature of Reels in this app.

How to Delete Your Instagram Account: Download Deleted Instagram Account Data

Different artists create reels videos of their songs and upload them on Instagram. Many times the same person has multiple Instagram accounts. Many people create new Instagram accounts and share posts from them. 

Some have now decided to remove all social media apps from their mobiles to stay away from social media. Many, along with Facebook, have now decided to stop using Instagram. 

Staying away from social media is not as easy as it seems. Deleting an account deletes all your data on Instagram. This can delete photos and videos with your Instagram friends or family.

Get the data on Instagram before Deleting the Account

First log-in to the Instagram account mobile or desktop. Then download the data from your opened account. To download the data, select the Settings option on your profile on Instagram. 

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Then select the Privacy and Security option. Then click the Request Download button. Then type your e-mail id there. After 48 hours, all your data is sent by mail from Instagram. Delete account after receiving data. 

How to Delete an Instagram Account:

Log in to your Instagram account again. Then select the Delete Account option. After selecting this option, you will have to retype the Instagram password. 

Then click on the 'permanently delete my account' option. After deleting the account, you will not be able to log in again with this deleted account. So you need to create a new ID password again to create a new account. 

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