These 14 and 9 year old Indian brother and sister Earn Lakhs of Rupees in America, know what is their Business

Crypto Mining: Two Indian children living in America have made their own identity in the world of cryptocurrency. 

These 14 and 9 year old Indian brother and sister Earn Lakhs of Rupees in America, know what is their Business

They are earning about 27 lakh rupees a month by mining crypto currency. For this he has also opened his own company.

Cryptocurrency is very much in vogue these days. Mining crypto currency is a very difficult task. But two Indian children living in America have broken this illusion and established a new identity. 

14-year-old Ishaan Thakkar and his 9-year-old sister Ananya Thakkar have earned lakhs of rupees through cryptocurrency.

Crypto Mining started during the Holidays:

According to the information, Ishaan, who lives in Texas, USA, studies in high school and wants to study medicine in UPN, while his sister Ananya is still in the fourth grade who wants to study medicine from New York University. 

While children spend time playing during the holidays, they both started mining cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum.

Learned Mining from Youtube:

Ishaan converted his Alienware computer into an ether mining rig using a graphic card so that he would have no problem running cryptocurrency hi-fi sites. Ishaan says that he learned information related to cryptocurrency from Youtube and the Internet.

Opened their Company:

Ishaan and Ananya started trending in cryptocurrencies in April 2021. In the beginning, for the first time, he earned 3 dollars i.e. about 225 rupees per month. 

Both the brothers and sisters were engaged in this business and by the end of the first month, both of them earned about $ 1000. 

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Ishaan and Ananya started their company Flifer Technologies in April 2021. After this, both the siblings worked hard to grow their business.

Both brothers and sisters are earning so much:

According to data released in September, the two currently have over 97 processors, which helps them build more than 10 million algorithms every second. 

His income from crypto currency mining business is estimated to be more than 27 lakh rupees ($36,000) a month. Ishaan and Ananya are hoping that this earning will help them to meet the fees they will spend in their studies.

Crypto Mining is like Gold or Diamond:

Talking to a TV channel in America, Ishaan says that crypto mining is similar to gold or diamond mining. Instead of using a shovel, you use a computer. In this mining, instead of finding a piece of gold or diamond in the mine, you find a cryptocurrency.

What is Cryptocurrency Mining:

Let us tell you, the process of obtaining cryptocurrency by solving cryptographic equations using high powered computers is called crypto mining. That is, these miners get payment in the form of cryptocurrency. 

This solution process involves verifying data blocks and adding transaction records to a public record (ledger) called a blockchain. These are secured with complex encryption technology.

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