PhonePe POS Calculator ? How it works ?

What is PhonePe POS Calculator?

PhonePe has recently launched an Automated Calculator which is also known as POS Calculator. It will help Small Business Merchants To grow their Business Online in their Unique Payment System.

How to use it?

It will work on Principles of Online Payment System like...BHIM UPI,Paytm,Tez...etc
  • Customer will Buy products & at the time Paying, They will enter their amount to paid on PhonePe App
  • Merchant will click amount to be paid on POS Calculator 
  • Customer will Put their Device near the POS Calculator
  • At last, Merchant get to know the payment has been received by Blinking of Green/Blue light in POS Calculator
  • That Green/Blue light will show Payment as Successful

Business Merchant Advantages:-

  • It is free of cost
  • No Internet Connection required for this POS Calculator
  • Too light in weight
  • It only takes 20 seconds to take payments compare to other UPI system
  • It will work on 2AA batteries 

Customer Advantages:-
  • It is Paperless work
  • Hassle Less and easy to use 
  • No barcode scans anymore
  • 1 click Payment mode
  • 100% Secured Payments from PhonePe
  • Quick Transaction

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