How To Get Approval for Adsense in 2021 (12 Adsense Approval Tricks)

How To Get Approval for Adsense in 2021 (12 Adsense Approval Tricks)

Hello, friends today we're going to learn how to get approval for Google AdSense in 2021 with 12 Adsense approval tricks. Adsense is the best way to earn money online by monetizing a website.

If you have Original, Unique, and Quality Content and you're willing to earn money from it, Then Google Adsense is the best Adnetwork to go with, as it is managed by Google itself.

So, Before starting with the Adsense program you must know the Rules & Regulations of Adsense Policies.

AdSense Program Eligibility Requirements

• You must be the owner of the site you're submitting to AdSense

• Your Site must comply with the Adsense Policies 

• Your Site must have Unique, Original, and High-Quality content before applying with Adsense

• You must be at least 18 Years Old

• For Youtube, Blogger, and Other Google host partners you must be eligible to sign up with Adsense.

Get Approval for Adsense in 2021

First of all, make sure you're creating quality and meaningful content with at least 500 to 1000 words. Below are the major factors for approval of AdSense.

1. Write High-Quality Posts

Nowadays, Google is using their AI bots to check every website with manual attempts. Google doesn't allow anyone to monetize with Spammy and Fake or Duplicate content. 

You must write your own content with reference to other websites. Your post must be unique and well written from top to bottom, make it a whole meaningful post.

Just think before you write your post, that how your post will be seen in Google in front of every user. Write the post from user view, so the user finds it very helpful and they don't let your page without reading it fully.

Write posts with this Structure:

• Make it Plagiarism Free (Don't Copy others Content)

• Post must contain a minimum of 1000 to 2000 words

• Use other Websites for Reference purpose only

• Write Posts with Clean and Clear

• Use Paragraphs while writing posts

• Make use of Bulletins

• Do use of Bold & Italic texts

• Use Headings & Sub-Headings

• Use Plagiarism Free Images, GIFs, and Videos.

2. Publish 15 - 20 Posts

The number of posts to be published on your Website is must be 15 - 20 posts, As it plays an important role to get AdSense approval. 

Every post must contain a minimum of 1000 to 2000 words for easy approval of Google Adsense. It seems like you're likely to write something different for your website which helps google to understand your website.

3. Create Disclaimer Page

A Disclaimer is required if your website has access to external links, health information, fitness information, affiliate links, etc. Google Adsense see your disclaimer page to know your external links and Affiliate links linked to your website.

If you don't know how to make a disclaimer policy page for Free, then do search Disclaimer Generator on Google and go to 1st website to get Disclaimer for web, Android & iOS for free.

4. Create Privacy Policy Page

Many users think that privacy policy is not important for Adsense approval, but they're wrong because Privacy and Security is Google's important policy.

Adsense will never approve your site without a Privacy Policy page, So to create a privacy policy page follow the below steps.

• Go to Google & Search Privacy Policy Generator

• Now visit the 1st website on SERP

• Create your Privacy Page

• Integrate it to your website.

Privacy Policy must contain these Terms:

• Illegal content

• Threatened species

• Intellectual Property abuse

• Dangerous content

• Enabling dishonest behavior

• Misinformative content

• Malicious virus or Unwanted Software

• Sexually explicit content

• Child abuse. 

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5. Create About Page

About page is not important but many users, Bloggers as well as Youtuber's recommend creating an about page for your blog.

About page shows the information according to your website or blog. It also helps Google to understand what type of website/blog it is.

To create an About Page follows the below steps:

• Go to Google & Search About Us Generator

• Visit the 1st website on SERP

• Make an about page

• Paste it into Website About Page.

6. Remove Other Adnetworks Ads

Google Adsense won't allow you to monetize your content until it is fully secured and well written without any unusual ads like adult ads, etc. 

Only for 1 to 2 weeks Remove all Ads includes Banner, Affiliate Links, Video Ads, In-article Ads, etc. After getting approved from Adsense you can again add all other Adnetwork ads.

7. Redirect HTTP to HTTPS

Before applying for Google Adsense your site must be opened in HTTPS only. Not compulsory but it is required for Google Adsense to approve your site for monetization. Https shows (Connection to this Site is Secure).

Adsense only checks your website in "" format. So, ensure it is redirecting an HTTPS version. To know how to 301 Redirect a website from HTTP to HTTPS, follow the below-mentioned steps.

• Login to Blogger

• Go to Settings in Menu option

• Scroll down & Go to HTTPS

• Now Enable the HTTPS redirect button

• Done.

8. Make Easy Navigation

Ensure your website is easy to navigate. You must include a Menu button on a website to easily navigate from the Home page to the Contact page.

Your website's structure must be canonical to get approved by Adsense. As if users come to your website they may be accessible to all pages through the Menu button.

9. Domain Age (Optional)

In India and China, Domain Age matters most. India and China are creating a lot of fraud and spammy sites to include in Google's environment, which is not acceptable on Google Results. 

So, India and China have to wait for 6 months to get approved from Google AdSense. Other Countries like the U.S.A can get approved from another day only.

10. Don't Use Copyrighted Images

Images with copyrights will never get approved from Google Adsense. Google has some copyrights for photographer's images.

Photographers click photos and put them on Google to monetize and You directly download that images for free from Google Photos and put it on your website for personal content, which is illegal.

You can either take their permission to use their images in your content or use some websites which provide copyright-free images for free or on monthly plans.

You can use Social Media to get real actual images from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. by giving them proper credit.

To get Copyright Images for Free use below websites:






Note: If you're directly downloading or using images, must ensure giving them proper credits.

11. Make Website UI Simple

Every user that lands on a website must know how to navigate, search and go to other related posts without any difficulty. So, for this make your website UI user-friendly and also mobile-friendly.

User friendly doesn't mean purchase a theme, you can use a free template for your website to get a good attractive look.

To know how to download and install premium themes for free, follow the below steps:

• Go to Google & Search Free Premium Templates

• OR Visit

• Search your type of Template Theme

Download for Free

• Open and Unzip the file using RAR

• Login to Blogger

• Go to Themes in left menu option

• Click on Edit Theme

• Now click on Restore 

• Choose .xml file from Unzipped folder

• Now Open Website & Look New Theme.

12. Your Age Must Be 18+

According to Google AdSense policies, the user must be 18 years old to get into the partner program. If you're under 18, then there is only one chance to get approved from Google Adsense. You need to have a parent or legal guardian to undertake their name and proof on your Adsense form to continue with Adsense policies.

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How to Apply for Adsense in 2021

How To Get Approval for Adsense in 2021 (12 Adsense Approval Tricks)

After Reading all the above steps carefully, Now you're applying for an Adsense account. If your site is complying with all the above-given steps, then only proceed further to apply, otherwise you'll not get approved.

• Ensure your website is compatible with Adsense Policies

• Login to Adsense Account

• Go to Sites from the left Menu option

• Now click on Add Site option

• Enter your Website URL without www ( )

• Copy Adsense code and paste it into your website's Header section ( after <head> tag )

• Click on Submit and Wait for 1-2 weeks until it's Reviewed by Adsense Team.

During the waiting period, add some ad codes to your website in the header, sidebar, and in-article ads, etc.

• Go to

• Click on Ads from the left Menu option

• Click on Create Ad unit

• Give the Ad unit Name & Save it.

• Now copy the Ad code

• & Paste into website Header section, Sidebars section & in Footer section.

After approval of Adsense, your Ads will start displaying on the website.

• Once your Payment threshold reaches $10, Adsense will send you a PIN to your registered address

• Once you get the PIN, Enter it into your AdSense account

• Congratulations you've completed all the steps. Once your Adsense Earning reached $100, Google will send your payment through wire transfer or Cheque.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How to get Adsense Approval for Youtube?

Ans - If your channel has 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hours of Watchtime in the past 12 months, then you are good to go with Google AdSense Monetization. It will provide you more features after monetization.

• Get access to Creator Support Team

• Get access to Monetization Features

• Get access to Copyright Match Tool.

2. Is it hard to get AdSense approval?

Ans - No, but not that much easy. To get approved by Google AdSense your site must comply with their policies which are already given above.

3. How do I know if AdSense is approved?

Ans - After getting approved by AdSense you'll get an Email from AdSense Team saying Congratulations Your Site ( is Approved for showing ads. Also, you can know by logging into your Adsense account that your site is approved or not.

4. How long does it take to get approved for AdSense?

Ans - Usually it takes from 24 to 48 hours but generally it takes up to 2 weeks to get approved for AdSense.

5. Is Google AdSense free?

Ans - Yes, Google AdSense is a free program that shows you fast and quick relevant ads on the results page, and when someone clicks on an ad shown on your page, you get a share of the ad revenue.

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6. Why is AdSense disapproved?

Ans - There are several reasons, Adsense disapprove of a website. Below are the main reasons of website disapproved of Adsense.

• Website is too new

• No content or duplicate content

• Website UI is not appropriate

• Selling counterfeit items

• No organic traffic

• No Privacy policy page

• Encourage users to click on Ads

• Server Down or 404 Error.

7. How many posts are required for Adsense?

Ans - Minimum of 15 to 20 posts are required to get AdSense approved on your website. Also, every article must contain 1000 to 1500 meaningful words. Which shows your website is having quality content.

8. Can I use someone else's bank account for AdSense?

Ans - Yes, you can use someone else's Bank account for AdSense, but that account's beneficiary name and Adsense account name must match, otherwise your payment will be failed.

9. Did not receive the AdSense PIN?

Ans - Go to Homepage to see when was your PIN generated. It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks for your PIN to arrive. If you don't receive your PIN after 3 weeks, then you can request a replacement PIN, which will be the same PIN as before.

10. What is the payment threshold for AdSense?

Ans - AdSense payment threshold means the limit of payment to acquire or get the payments reached $100. Yes, you can withdraw your payment into Bank transfer after your account reaches the minimum threshold of $100.

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