How to use Google Trends in India: Improve Your Rankings with Trending Search Terms

Today, we'll learn how to use Free Google Trends website powered by Google in order to rank in #1 on Google and to know the latest trending Topics and Stories to use in your posts or Youtube videos, and Improve Your Rankings with Trending Search Terms.

What is Google Trends?

How to use Google Trends in India: Improve Your Rankings with Trending Search Terms

It is a completely Free Website created and managed by Google, shows the latest current trending topics and different trending Stories over time.

You can see some popular stories and insights to rank your website in a specific period of time. Today, every digital marketer uses this pretty free tool developed by Google to make the trending doubts clear.

Use Google Trends for:

Explore a term or a topic

• View Trending searches

• View Year in Search

• Find Latest Stories & Insights

• Find Searches by Category

• Discover Trends by Geographic Locations

How To Use Google Trends in India

Google Trends will give you the exact keyword trending of your country, to rank in a short time. You can use this tool for the below things. It can be used to discover trends for Youtube, Instagram, to sell products, write blogs or News, and Stock Market, etc.

To Open Google Trends for India:

• Visit this Link - Google Trends India


• Click on the upper left button to select Region

• Search India & select the country (default is the United States)

Note - Google Trends can be seen in 3 Sections.

1. Explore

The explore will show you the topics and sub-topics under the search.

• Visit the Explore Page

• Enter a term or a topic to find the keywords (for ex. COVID-19)

• Now Enter search

• After Search, Select the region 

• Select Time, Day, Month, or Year

• Select Category & Sub-category of Keyword

• Last Select the Search option from Image, Web, News, Shopping, or Youtube

What is Compare 

Explore multiple search terms and keywords in different languages in real-time. Compare up to 5 groups of keywords at one time and up to 25 terms in each group.

What is Interest Over Time

The number represents search interest relative to the highest no. of times keywords searched in a given region and time. It shows a value from 0, 50 to 100, in which 0 means there is not enough data to show, 50 means that the keyword is half popular and 100 means that keyword is highest popular.

Interest over time will give you the keyword popularity number, you can download embed, and share the results.

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What is Interest by Subregion

Here, see in which location your keyword or term is most popular. You'll find a map with darker shades and faint in which dark areas are higher search interest, whereas faint shades mean low search interest.

It also shows a value from 0, 50 to 100, in which 0 means the region is not having enough search interest, 50 means the region is half popular with search interest and 100 means the region is peak popular for search interest.

What is Sub-region

Subregions are the States of India such as Maharashtra, Goa, etc.

What is City

Metro cities of the states like Mira Bhayander, Thane, Mumbai, Pune, etc.

Related Topics & Queries

It shows the relevant keyword and topics related to your searched term.

What is Top

The top will show the number of searches over a scale of 50 to 100, in which 50 is half popular and 100 is more popular.

What is Rising

If you see the Breakout instead of the percentage after the related term or topic, that means your topic is growing over 5000%.

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2. Trending Searches 

Trending searches will show the number of daily trending terms across the world. You can click on a story to get more context, like the most relevant articles. Trending searches include Daily search trends and Real-time search trends described below.

Daily search trends

It highlights the number of searches that rank within a low period of time from 1 hour to the past 24hrs. You can use it to see what people are actually searching for in a specific location.

Realtime search trends

It highlights the number of searches from live moments from the collections of knowledge Graph topics, Search interest, and Google News articles. This algorithm works 24hrs to rank any keyword from Google Stories and Google News.

3. Year in Search 2020

You'll get to see an overall year in a small video clip of 3 minutes. What was trending in the last year 2020 in India as well in other countries? Just change the region and see what was trending in your country in 2020.

Year in Search includes:

Overall - Will show the overall trends of the year

Near me - Will show the Local Business trends of last year

How to's - Will show the prefix How-to videos and web searches trending last year

What is - Will give the most searched terms of last year

Movies - Will show the Highest searched movie of last year

News Events - Will show the Highest searched news and business events of last year

Personalities - Will show the Big personalities people searched for in the last year

• Sports Events - Will give you the details of the highest searched or trending sports of last year

TV/Web Series - Will give you the details of the most searched TV or Web series in the last year.

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