FAUG Game Download Link - How to Download for Android & iOS

FAUG Game has been released in India on 26th January this year. FAU-G aka Fearless And United Guards is breaking the records by crossing over 5 Million+ Downloads in a Single day and Becoming the most Top Free Game on Google Play Store.

FAUG Game Download Link - How to Download for Android & iOS

The highly waited FAU-G after the ban of the Most popular PUBG Mobile in India has been released and breaking the records day by day.

Akshay Kumar tweeted about the game on the 26th of January, the development of this game has been finished and now you can download the game and Fight for Our Country and Protect Our Flag.

FAUG Game Download Link - How to Download for Android & iOS

How to Download FAU-G Game Apk Android?

FAU-G is only available for Android as of now, the iOS version will be coming soon. Now the game is live on Google Play Store to download now. To download this game now follow the below-given steps.

• FAU-G Game Download Link - FAU-G Fearless And United Guards

• After Downloaded, Install the Game

• Now Start the Game & Enjoy the Gameplay.

FAUG Game Apk + OBB files Download

FAU-G game can be downloaded from other websites if your device is not compatible with this version. FAUG game will be downloaded in apk with data OBB files, in which you have to download the app, and after installing the app, you have to set up the files in order to run the game properly. To download this game apk+obb files from other sources simply follow the below steps.

• Visit this Link FAU-G Fearless And United Guards 

• Click on the Green Download button

Downloading will be started

• After downloaded, Install the Game

• Now the game will auto-download OBB files

• After OBB downloads, Restart the Game

 Play the Game Now.

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FAUG Game Download Link - How to Download for Android & iOS

FAUG game is now in a beta stage where you can see most of the time game lags and shuts due to high traffic. Sometimes it shows an error game couldn't start.


PUB-G is a Royale Battle game whereas, FAU-G is a Single Player game, and the multiplayer mode will come soon.


In terms of graphics no game can beat the graphics of PUBG Mobile as of now, Call of Duty had also failed in beating PUBG Mobile in the case of graphics. So, FAUG is no longer can be said to beat the graphics of PUBG Mobile.

FAUG Supported Devices

FAUG is a high graphic game and only supports to latest android versions. The game only supports the Android device running the Android 8.0 Oreo version or higher. It means the game can be played on devices running versions 8, 9, 10, and 11. Whereas FAUG has not declared the iOS version yet.

FAUG Game Download Size

The Game download size varies depending on the device and approx is 460 MB by Play Store. Size can be varied if downloaded in Apk+ OBB formats as well.

FAUG In-Game Purchases

FAUG Game will be run on certain principles where their total earnings from in-game purchases will not go fully towards their Co. As the Game promised to contribute 20% of their earnings to the "Bharat Ke Veer" Foundation.

The in-Game purchases will start from Rs 19, Rs 149, Rs 299, Rs 599, Rs 1,299, and Rs 2,999 depending on the pack of the bundle.

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Made in India FAUG Game Story

FAUG Game Download Link - How to Download for Android & iOS

The game is based on real scenarios encouraging Indian Security Forces while fighting with both domestic and international threats towards the country. 

The First stage of the game is set in Galwan Valley shoot that occurred last year in India. Players will be in Galwan Valley with no weapons as real-life fight happened with hand to hand combat.

FAUG Game Download Link - How to Download for Android & iOS

The Storyline will be in Hindi by default and can be changed in settings with Tamil & English. Captions also include the Hindi version and they can be changed too.

As Gondal said, " We don't want to crash or overload the game on the first launch, so we're launching only initial mode which is story mode can be played in single-player, and the multiplayer mode will be launched in a few months later".

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Has the FAU G game released?

Ans - Yes, the FAUG game has been released on 26th January 2021.

2. Is FAU G launched in India?

Ans - Yes, FAU G launched in India on 72th Republic Day on 26th of January 2021.

3. Who is the owner of FAU G?

Ans - The nCore Games co-founder and Chairman Vishal Gondal is the owner and founder of the FAU-G game.

4. Is FAUG like PUBG?

Ans - No, PUB-G and FAU-G are not the same at all, both the games are different and don't match each other in terms of Graphics, and Gameplay. As FAU-G is still a single-player game.

5. Is FAU G be a battle royale game?

Ans - No, FAU-G is not a Royale Battle Game it is a  story mode game with a single-player option. A Multi-player version will be launched after few months.

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