PUBG Mobile New Vikendi Snow Map Arrived

PUBG Mobile New Vikendi Snow Map here !!

Heyy Winter has Arrived here !! 
PUBG MOBILE has rolled out all new Vikendi Map with winter features in-built.
PUBG MOBILE will reward those who download this update before the 25th of December 2k18.
PUBG MOBILE has released this Update of 0.10 for Android & IOS Phones.

Gameplay Features:-

  • Update/Download before 25th December 2018 will be Rewarded
  • All Old lags & Bugs has been removed in this version
  • 6x6 Snow/Winter Themed Map
  • Isolated Northern Resort in the shadow of Mount KREZNIC
  • Wide variety of home & villages in this Map
  • Assault Rifle G36F (the Replaced version of SCRA-L)
  • Players can throw Snowball instead of Apple in the waiting room
  • Vehicles are too slippery in this Map 
  • Footprints will stay no longer
  • This Map has its own vehicle SNOWMOBILE (2 seats only).

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