PUBG Mobile New Vikendi Snow Map Arrived

Heyy Winter has Arrived here!! 

PUBG MOBILE has rolled out an all-new Vikendi Map with winter features in-built.

PUBG MOBILE will reward those who download this update before the 25th of December 2k18.

PUBG MOBILE has released this Update of 0.10 for Android & IOS Phones.

Gameplay Features:-

  • Update/Download before 25th December 2018 will be Rewarded
  • All Old lags & Bugs has been removed in this version
  • 6x6 Snow/Winter Themed Map
  • Isolated Northern Resort in the shadow of Mount KREZNIC
  • Wide variety of home & villages in this Map
  • Assault Rifle G36F (the Replaced version of SCRA-L)
  • Players can throw Snowball instead of Apple in the waiting room
  • Vehicles are too slippery in this Map 
  • Footprints will stay no longer
  • This Map has its own vehicle SNOWMOBILE (2 seats only).
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