What is Subscriber Counts ?

What is Subscriber Counts?

Subscriber Counts is only showing on Creators Studio & in Beta version only. It is showing because Youtube is changing its a policy on 13-14 December in which Youtube will Decrease the amount of Subscribers on Creator's Channel those who got their Subscribers by Fake or Spam Accounts or by SUB4SUB method as well as Purchased Subscriber's.

Why is it happening? (13-15 December)

In this particular period, Youtube Team will close some spam as well as closed accounts which have not been used for many days or has been closed or terminated by Youtube Privacy Policies. This all things will be conducted under this 2-3 Working Days from 13-15 December 2018. Youtube is working on this project on a live daily basis, so in this case, Creator's subscriber will be less day-by-day.
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