Download Indian Rupee Symbol on Keyboard | Zebronics Keyboard Rupee Symbol 2021

In India, the Qwerty keyboard is used by many users today, and many users find it difficult to type with the () Rupees symbol on their keyboard.

Download Indian Rupee Symbol on Keyboard | Zebronics Keyboard Rupee Symbol 2021

After many union ministry research and survey the IIT Guwahati professor invented (₹) Rupee symbol font for Indian Keyboard standards and download Indian Rupee Symbol on Keyboard.

In India, After the Qwerty layout, the 1st Indian Keyboard with the Rupee symbol is Zebronics Keyboard K16 wireless.

Zebronics Keyboard Rupee Symbol 2021

Download Indian Rupee Symbol on Keyboard | Zebronics Keyboard Rupee Symbol 2021

Zebronics K25 Standard Keyboard is the Made in India Zebronics brand keyboard and with many specifications listed below -

1. Standard USB keyboard with 105 keys.

2. Super slim designed, Spill-Proof

3. Comfortable & silent switch tactile feeling

4. Copper cable wire

5. UV coated keys

6. Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

7. Only in Black Color

8. 1 Year Purchase Warranty

9. 2 Centimetres height

10. 16 Centimetred width

11. 430 Grams of weight

12. +5VDC, @200mA - Power

13. USB / Wireless

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Download Keyboard Rupee Symbol Download & Install

Download Indian Rupee Symbol on Keyboard | Zebronics Keyboard Rupee Symbol 2021

To use the ₹ symbol in your default qwerty keyboard you must install the Rupee Foradian Keyboard Layout on the keyboard. Indian rupee symbol font download link and installing steps is given below -

1. Rupee foradian font Free download link - Download Now

2. Download the above given Keyboard software on your PC/ Laptop.

3. After downloaded open the download folder and locate the file named

4. Select the file and Unzip it through RAR or Unzipper software in its own folder

5. Now open the unzipped files folder

6. Select "Rupee Installer.exe" from the unzipped files and install

7. This will Install 4 new fonts to your PC/ Laptop

8. Now again go to the unzipped folder and double click on "Keyboard Install.exe" and wait till installing done.

9. This will install a New Keyboard layout in your PC/ Laptop

10. Now Restart your PC/ Laptop

11. After restarting done, Now you'll see a small icon of the keyboard on the bottom right corner of the PC screen, click to enable the "Rupee Foradian Keyboard Layout".

12. Now you can use the grave accent key (the left top key above the tab key) on the keyboard to type the rupee symbol by selecting the "Rupee Foradian Standard" for various applications like MS Word, Excel, etc.

13. To type the symbol just press the Alt + 4 or Shift + ₹ symbol button.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any Keyboard with Rupee Symbol?

Ans - Yes, there are many branded latest keyboards having inbuilt Rupee symbol enabled like Zebronics, iBall, Logitech, Dell, i Gear, Zinq, Quantum, Prodot, Live Tech, etc. all these keyboards come with wireless and wired version.

2. How to use the keyboard rupee symbol?

Ans - If your keyboard is enabled with the rupee symbol then press the Shift + ₹ symbol. Either press Alt + 4 on the keyboard.

3. What is the shortcut for the rupee symbol in keyboard Windows 10?

Ans - Shortcut Key for Rupee symbol in Windows 10 keyboard is Alt + 4 or Shift + ₹ (dedicated button).

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