Top 10 Best Online Trading Apps for 2021 - Online Trading Apps

Today I have brought for you the information of Top 10 Best Online Trading Apps for 2021.  So let's start.

Top 10 Best Online Trading Apps for 2021 - Online Trading Apps

Mobile trading App - Buying and selling of shares is very easy. This can be done anywhere with a click of a button.

Yes! I am taking about the mobile trading App . Mobile trading app usage is growing rapidly. In the new age of technology, you can download the Trading App and do quick trading, receive alerts, read news and access your portfolio at your fingertips.

According to the latest report, more than 60% of the trading in the stock market takes place through mobile apps. This is due to comfort, anytime anywhere access, speed of operation and availability of mobile applications by major stock brokerage houses.

Here  is the list of Best Trading App  along with the things to consider while shortlisting the Trading App .

What is Mobile Trading App?


Mobile Trading App is an application that gets installed on your mobile device. This application allows you to step into the share market. This requires an internet connection.

This is one of the convenient and cheapest ways to do business. Apart from this, you will get the facility of market news, portfolio, alerts etc. on the Mobile Trading App.

You will be able to save time and make fast transactions using Mobile best Trading App. Here is the 10 best mobile trading apps in India till 2020-21. Apps are shortlisted based on speed, performance, reviews, features, and usability.

India's Top 10 Best Trading Apps in 2021:

Best Trading APP  2020-21 in India:

1. Zerodha Kite Trading App

Zerodha Kite is a business and investment app for the modern times. Kite is a smaller version of Zerodha's trading platform. This app provides a clean and intuitive UI with super fast speed. You can manage all your trading and investing using this app.

This app comes with biometric (fingerprint and face ID) 2FA. This app also provides the facility to login in dark mode. The features of the kite by Zerodha are given below.

• Time reaction intuitive UI with time

• Biometric login for improved security

• Trading View chart with chart ARQ

• Updates order and push notification

• Filters on stocks and Search Options

• Dark mode feature

• Zerodha universe  comfortable for other apps.


• Biometric usage

• Very good performance.


•Google Play Store has a low rating of 4.1.

2. Groww Mobile Trading App


Groww is the most popular and preferred stock and mutual fund investment app. To use this app you have to open a Demat account.

The best thing is that you can invest in mutual funds SIP and zero commission directly from your app. It is claimed to be fast, easy and safe.

The main features of Groww Mobile Trading App are given below:

• Use with KYC facility app is simple and easy to

recommend investment experts categories

• Mutual fund SIP calculator

• One-Click Trading with buy and sell property with buying and selling of property One-click stock trading

• Chart, historical performance and information on the move

• A high level of security standard used for all transactions.


•  No transaction fees

• Direct mutual fund investment

• Smooth and beautiful UI Track

• Track your external investment

• Facility to move incremental investment from other apps.

3. Angel Broking Stock Trading App

Angel broking stock trading App allows you to trade anytime, anywhere at your fingertips. Angel Broking provides over 40 technical chart indicators and overlays to analyze and trade.

The main features of Angel Broking Demat Account and Stock Trading App are given below:

• Live streaming of Trades

• Intraday charts live

• Online payment through 40+ banks with segment Multiple Watchlist

• Instant news updates and market trends

• Mutual fund investments

• Support call

• ARQ based portfolio health check utility.


• Very good mobile interface

• Integral ARQ tool

• Access to reports, consultants and portfolio.


• Both web and mobile logins do not work at the same time

• Sometimes the application crashes.

4. 5Paisa Mobile Trading App

5Paisa Mobile Trading App is a Best Trading App which provides many features including one-click order placement. You can do order placement by clicking on the chart.

You can use 5Paisa research and advisory product screeners, sensibules etc. using the 5Paisa mobile app.

You can also invest directly in mutual funds, insurance, digital gold using the 5Paisa mobile app.

The main features of the 5Paisa mobile app are given below:

• Equity, derivatives, facilitate trade in commodity and currency segments

• BSE, NSE, Live updates on prices and stock quotes from MCX

• Candle charts and advance technical analysis

• one-click order placement with the fast pace of power

• Watchlist Creates a facility with sync across devices

• Robo Investment Advisor feature

• Price alerts and quick notifications on apps.


• Award winning app with many features

• Good privacy protection, encryption data with 256 bit SSL.

• Through this app you can buy mutual funds, insurance.


• Customer support is bad.

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5. ICICI Direct Trading App


ICICI Direct is one of the best trading and investment mobile apps. To use this app you have to open a demat account in ICICI. You can trade and invest in equities, mutual funds, futures, FDs, IPOs, bonds using this app.

The features of ICICI Direct App are given below:

• Dashboard view for watchlist and market movers

• Market research and report on the move

• Warning and notifications

• Equity, F&O, currency trading

• Track trade book and order book

• View portfolio at the move

• Chart and Heat Map feature.


• Fingerprint-based authentication

• Fast and easy to use interface 

• Facility to invest in IPOs and FDs


• Rating on Google Play is low.

6. IIFL Market

IIFL is one of the most popular and downloaded mobile trading apps on the market. IIFL Markets is awarded the Best Trading App in India by the Zee Business Awards.

IIFL Markets Broking allows the customer to trade instantly. It also allows for guest-login using OTP. You can also invest in mutual funds using this app.

The features of the IIFL market are given below:

• In-Depth analysis on Mobile and expert tips

• Interactive design and chart onscreen

• Price alerts via Mobile app and news on the move

• Information and derivative section of trade in futures on one tap support

• Mutual fund investments through Mobile app


• Dual stock clock facility

• Fast speed and intuitive interface 

• Option to invest in mutual funds and IPOs


• Password recovery is difficult and time consuming.

7. Upstox Pro Trading App

Upstox Pro App provides a simple and intuitive trading experience for the Trading App end-user. Upstox Pro helps you analyze Share markket in real time. To use Upstox Pro App you will need to open a demat account.

The main features of Upstox Pro App are given below:

• 10000+ real-time technical indicators

• Clean and user-friendly UI

• Predefined customized watchlist

• Real-time market feed and unlimited price alerts

• Switch between day and night mode theme

• Same ID on web as well as mobile app Trade using


• Option to trade with charts

• Unlimited price alerts and watchlists

• Very good support.


• Sometimes there is a lag error with the real-time market.

8. HDFC Securities Mobile Trading App


The HDFC Securities Mobile trading app is claimed to be the next generation trading app. It is easy to navigate the mobile trading app. This app has a secure biometric login using fingerprint and face recognition.

Features of HDFC Securities Mobile trading app are given below:

• Real-time charting and instant access to trending investment ideas,

• As well as derivatives, as well as derivatives

• Get stock details in one click. 

• Get news and notification on market events

• Tap and search for next investment opportunity

Trading as well as investment facility


• Multiple accounts can be managed in a single app

• Safe and secure trading with high security standards

• Business and get notification alerts at the same time.


• App size is large and it occupies more space

• Details report facility is not available to the customer.

9. Motilal Oswal MO Trading App

Motilal Oswal MO Trading App is an easy to use that provides advance and intuitive interface and features.

The popularity of this app is increasing gradually. This app facilitates equity, forex trading and commodity trading.

You can enjoy one-click trading on this app. It is a Dynamic Trading App. The features of Motilal Oswal MO Trading App are given below.

• Options Strategy Builder

• Live technical chart

• Facilitate the closure of the situation with a click

• Stock, currency, global search bar to search the commodity

• Aep bottom bar and access data optimization

• Sensible platform support

• Trade Guide Signal Tool


• One click buy and sell facility

• Support for other trading platforms

• Saving and executing orders later.


• Google Play Rating is low.

10. Kotak Stock Trader App

Kotak Stock Trader App is a dynamic Share Trading platform. You can trade in real time and track the market using the mobile app.

You can get in-depth analysis on the App while making transactions.

The salient features of Kotak Stock Trader App are given below.

• Grow your portfolio

• Keep tapping some order

• Track stocks with Charting tool

• Invest jn IPO, mutual funds, ETFs and Bonds

• Also monitor stock portfolio


•High level of security with multiple certifications

•Allow sales from status view page.


• User experience is average.

How to choose Mobile Best Trading App for Stock Market Trading?

Till now, there is no rule of thumb for selecting  Best Mobile Trading App . Considering the above mentioned pros and cons, you can select any app at your convenience. 


Hope you have   liked this information of  Top 10 Best Trading App  for 2021. Stay connected with us for more new types of information.

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