Hyundai i30 Price in India: Launch Date in India and Features 2021

Review of Hyundai i30 Price in India: Launch Date in India and Features 2021: Appearance, interior, features, technical details, equipment, price tag in India.

Hyundai i30 Price in India: Launch Date in India and Features 2021

A few weeks before the Geneva International Automobile Show, the Hyundai carmaker has shared reliable news about the renewed i30 range. The restyled version of the Hyundai i30 2021, which is available in hatchback, liftback, and station wagon versions, has received an updated body design, an extensive multimedia package, and "soft hybrid" engines.

External Appearance:

Hyundai i30 Price in India: Launch Date in India and Features 2021

The exterior of the Hyundai i30 2021 looks almost the same as the station wagon presented earlier. However, upon closer inspection, you can see a number of modifications and updates that have affected both the front end and the stern.

Hyundai i30 Price in India: Launch Date in India and Features 2021

The front displays a dynamic and aggressive design with sporty headlights and a new radiator grille. The design now has a tapered bottom and a widened top shape. A chrome edging is provided along the perimeter of the grille, and a mesh texture is preserved in the center (optionally, you can choose a variant with chrome plating).

Hyundai i30 Price in India: Launch Date in India and Features 2021

Optical devices can be LED or halogen, depending on the features of the vehicle. In two cases, additional illumination of turn signals is used. To emphasize the original design of the headlights, the background surface was darkened and the perimeter was decorated with a black frame.

Minor modifications have affected the appearance of the front bumper. At the bottom of the structure, there is an auxiliary radiator grille with black inserts on the sides, round fog lights, as well as LED navigation lights.

On the hood, there are protrusions on the sides, reminiscent of aggressive "eyelashes". They give the exterior a bold and aggressive design. The windshield of the Hyundai I30 2021 has practically not changed, retaining the angle of inclination and the black frame around the perimeter.

Hyundai i30 Price in India: Launch Date in India and Features 2021

In the side projection, the Hyundai i30 2021 looks authentic, so it is difficult to confuse it with other representatives of this class. A distinctive feature of the body is its unusual shape. The arches at the front and back are distinguished by a characteristic rise above the main part.

Hyundai i30 Price in India: Launch Date in India and Features 2021

A line is drawn between the headlights and the rear stop signals, which divides the model in two. The door handles are painted to match the body color. As an option or standard equipment in the premium versions of the Hyundai i30 2021, they are covered with chrome.

Hyundai i30 Price in India: Launch Date in India and Features 2021

The chrome bezels are also present on the side windows. The center pillars are painted in black. The side mirrors have decreased in size and have become slightly narrowed outward. The function of the mirrors may differ depending on the vehicle version.

Hyundai i30 Price in India: Launch Date in India and Features 2021

Already in the "base", there is an electric drive for adjusting the position, the option of automatic folding and heating in the cold season. The following configurations are equipped with LED turn signals. The 2021 Hyundai i30 uses 15-inch, 16-inch, or 17-inch alloy wheels.

The Body color palette includes the following original tones:

• Beige

• Burgundy

• Black

• Blue

• Grey

• Blue

• Red

• Brown

• Silver

• Gray-Brown.

The proposed shades are presented in a restrained style, and fans of elegance can choose a classic dark color. From the front and sides, the 2021 Hyundai i30 looks not only stylish but also luxurious, which makes it more attractive than its main competitors.

The Hyundai i30 2021 feed has undergone major changes. The design department completely changed it to make the car even more beautiful and modern. Initially, it may seem that the trunk is not large, but the glass rises along with the lid, so the loading of bulky luggage is carried out without problems.

The oblong LED footlights look original, which are located on a dark background and are highlighted by LED inserts. The tailgate end is reminiscent of a curved spoiler and is intended to emphasize aerodynamic properties.

As decorative elements on the luggage compartment lid, a chrome-plated manufacturer's logo, a nameplate with the model and body name are used. The trunk handle is hidden in a special recess. In addition, to open this department, you can use the corresponding key in the salon or key fob.

The rear bumper is elegantly styled. Below is a massive black plastic insert with a plate for the number plate and chrome tailpipes of the exhaust system. On the sides of the structure, there are fog lights with LED equipment.

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The roof of the Hyundai i30 2021 in many trim levels is made in solid form and is equipped with a miniature antenna resembling a shark's fin. Premium versions will receive an electrically operated panoramic sunroof or a panoramic roof, which will move the front.

According to representatives of the South Korean automaker, the Hyundai i30 2021 will gain the same popularity as its predecessors. This is due to the introduction of advanced technology and stylish design.

Salon Hyundai i30 2021:

The interior of the Hyundai i30 2021 retains the corporate identity of the manufacturer and looks quite luxurious. The developers have provided a complete package of equipment for the safe and comfortable operation of the machine.

Depending on the equipment, the design of the front panel is different. In the basic version, there will be a 5-inch monochrome multimedia screen, and in the more advanced ones - a 5 or 8-inch monitor of the multimedia package with touch control. It is located in the central part above the panel and resembles a tablet.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto platforms are used as the basis for standard multimedia. Such integration will allow the driver to connect to the car via a smartphone with the appropriate operating system and transfer data from the mobile device to the display.

To control audio equipment and "multimedia" was as convenient as possible, the manufacturer installed corresponding buttons on different sides of the screen.

Under the center console, there are 2 air ducts, an indication of the front seat belts and airbags, as well as a platform for adjusting the settings of the standard climate system. The transition between the central panel and the tunnel looks organic, due to the presence of a massive plug. Hidden under it is a USB connector for charging mobile devices, a 3.5 mm output, a 12V socket from the onboard network, and also a Qi-class wireless charging platform (will be installed in the top-end versions of the Hyundai i30 2021).

There is a transmission selector at the beginning of the tunnel. Near the lever, there are buttons for activating the heating of the front seats and the steering wheel, as well as the stabilization system and the parking assistant.

Moving further through the tunnel, you can see several cupholders, an electromechanical parking brake button, and quick access to the camera. The design culminates in a mid-size armrest and smartphone platform. On the back, there are 2 air ducts, a USB connector, and a 12V socket.

The seats in Hyundai i30 202 0 have retained the corporate style of the South Korean automaker. They have quality lateral support, ergonomic head restraints, and a soft seating surface.

Position adjustment can be electronic or mechanical (depending on the modification of the car). By default, all trim levels will have a heated front row of seats.

The rear sofa can comfortably accommodate up to three adult passengers, including people up to 190 cm tall. Each of them is provided with a comfortable headrest. There is an armrest and several cup holders in the center of the backrest.

The interior is upholstered in elegant fabric with perimeter leather inserts. The top version has a combination of leather and fabric trim.

The palette of interior colors is presented in the following tones:

• The Black;

• Burgundy

• Black and Gray.

Inside Specifications of Hyundai i30 2021:

The range of power plants with which the Hyundai i30 2021 will be sold depends on the region and country of supply. The driver will be able to choose several configuration options. The European market will see two turbocharged engines of 1 and 1.4 liters with a 6-speed manual gearbox or DCT transmission.

Hyundai i30 Price in India: Launch Date in India and Features 2021

For buyers from India and some other countries, the Hyundai i30 2021 will be available with only 1 turbocharged T-GDi unit and a DCT box.

Hyundai i30 Price in India: Launch Date in India and Features 2021

The 1-liter 3-cylinder Kappa T-GDi will be able to generate 120 hp. from. power with a torque of 171 Nm. This engine accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 11.5 seconds. The permissible speed is 188 km / h. The motor is equipped with a 6-speed "mechanics". Fuel consumption per 100 km of driving in urban conditions is 6.2 liters, on the highway - 4.1 liters, and in a mixed mode of operation - 5.2 liters.

Hyundai i30 Price in India: Launch Date in India and Features 2021

A more advanced 1.4-liter unit with 4 cylinders develops 140 "horses" of power with a rotational potential of 242 Nm. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 9.2 seconds. The maximum speed is 208 km / h. A 7-band robotic DCT is used as a gearbox. Fuel consumption in the city is 6.7 liters, on the highway - 4.9 liters, and in the combined cycle - 5.5 liters per 100 kilometers.

Hyundai i30 Price in India: Launch Date in India and Features 2021

Independent MacPherson struts are installed in front of the suspension, and a multi-link platform at the rear. The braking system received several modifications: disc mechanisms with ventilation appeared on the front wheels, and simple disc brakes at the rear.

Hyundai i30 in India Expected Price 2021:

Hyundai i30 2021 is not yet sold in official dealerships India. The on road price of the car, depending on the configuration, is as follows:

• Express - 10 Lakhs

• Style - 11 Lakhs

• Premium - 12 Lakhs.

The equipment of the Hyundai i30 2021 contains all the necessary safety and comfort features. Starting from the basic version, the car receives:

• Massive front passenger and driver airbags.

• Side airbags and curtain airbags.

• Stability packages ABS, ESC.

• Auxiliary aid when driving uphill.

• ISOFIX mounts.

• Electric power steering.

• Immobilizer.

• Smart key.

The function of automatic shutdown of the battery in case of a road accident.

• Control system of "dead" zones ".

• Navigation package with 3D maps.

• Tracking the driver's status.

• Adaptive headlights with automatic switching of lighting modes.

According to the results of crash tests, the Hyundai i30 2021 gets the highest mark, showing a good combination of reliability and safety.


This is the Full Review of the Hyundai i30 2021 is a stylish and modern car of the mid-price segment, which is designed for city driving with periodic trips outside large settlements. The car combines stylish body and interior design with progressive technical equipment and affordable cost.

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