Do you also pay with QR code, so beware of fraudsters in 2021

Do you also pay with QR code, so beware of fraudsters in 2021

If you also prefer online payment more, then you need to be careful. Cybercriminals have become very strong in the past few times. The QR Code is a weapon for criminals.

Today, if you talk about India, most people prefer to make their payment using the QR code. Today's vicious cybercriminals are taking advantage of this. QR codes carry out fraud frauds from phishing. If you are not careful in these works, then you may have to face heavy losses.


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Quick Response (QR) was first made in Japan. Now it is used extensively by the people in India and the Fraudster takes advantage of the same. Criminals replace QR codes. Due to which the payment goes to the criminal's account. Changing such a QR code to insert another QR code is called QR code phishing. So that your money does not go to the shopkeeper and go to the criminal's account. 

Therefore, be careful while scanning the QR code installed at a petrol pump or in any shop or mall. Make sure to know the receiver's name after the scan, and if you work in the shop, after getting the money in the account, make sure to get confirmation by email, so that you can avoid day-to-day fraud.

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