Suno Sahebji All Episodes of KOOKU Web Series Review

Suno Sahebji All Episodes of KOOKU Web Series Review

After watching Suno Sahebji, you are going to be quite excited, why are we saying this at last because the scenes depicted in this web series are such that will make you crazy about this series, how a working bike of its owner forms a relationship as well as a relationship with her master's son. It will be very interesting to see, next we will tell you the complete story of this series of KOOKU, which remained connected with us to know.

Suno Sahebji Web Series (KOOKU) Cast Name:

Well, Suno Sahebji (Suno Sahebji) is the first season of the web series Kuku Production House, but despite this, you are going to see some new and some old characters in this series. You have seen her characters in many of Kuku's previous web series. But you are going to see some new characters too, Suno Sahebji, Rithu, Rajiv (Rajiv), and Kumar (Kumar) are going to be seen in your role in the upcoming web series, apart from this many other actors have also done series. Has worked in, whose names have not been officially announced.

As we have already told you that KOOKUOrigin is an OTT platform in which you can enjoy web subscriptions by taking a paid subscriptions. If you want to enjoy the web series, then tell you that the 1-year subscription of the Kuku platform is ₹ 198, the 3-month subscription is Rs. 144, the 1-month subscription is ₹ 99, and the lowest is 6 days. The subscription is only 63 rupees.

Suno Sahebji KOOKU Web Series Release Date:

Please tell your information that Kuku Production House is about to launch its upcoming web series Suno Sahebji on its application on 14 February 2021 on the occasion of Valentine's Day. In which you are going to see drama, romance, and suspense. On 10 February, the trailer of the series was launched on the official Youtube channel Kuku, which has been viewed 1 lakh times so far and the trailer of this series has so far garnered more than 3000 likes from all these figures. You can see how much the series is being liked by the viewers. If you have not yet seen the trailer, you can go to the official YouTube channel of Kooku.

Suno Sahebji Web Series Story:

Listen, the trailer of the Sahebji web series starts with a man and a woman, it starts with a woman and a man who says that after so many years he is coming to finish his studies, I thought that he would come and eat with his hands every day Will make and feed. The boy comes to his house, after which his father explains to him that your grandfather was ill, due to which we had to keep one aya at home. Later in the night he hears some voices outside his grandfather's room and says that Kanha is getting young at this age, soon after which Aya comes out of Dada's room, and says who are you and how did you enter The

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After which the boy says, "Hey, we are grandchildren of the grandfather". We have kept our belongings and will deliver them to the room. In the next scene, Aya says to the boy that he will bring vegetables from the market, and dry clothes on the roof? In response to this, the boy says hey, I will do it. Dada thinks that he did not do any work in childhood, on the suggestion of Aya that it is working.

The boy tries to make a physical connection with Aya, whether or not a relationship is formed between the two, you will only know after watching the web series. But in the next scene, Aya says in front of the boy's parents that bring dishwashing soap from the market, after which the angry boy comes and says that you are speaking to the boss. After which the girl thinks of taking revenge and acting on him to be unconscious. Aya speaks in front of the girl's parents. I am from my stomach and I am going to be your mother. Now to know what happens next, you have to see the web series bad, forget the name of the website on February 14.

If you want to know the full story of this web series, then do not forget to subscribe to the KOOKUApp, enjoy the Suno Sahebji (Suno Sahebji) web series on the occasion of Valentine's Day. Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Owl, MX Player, etc. are with us to read the OTT platform web series review.

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