Two humans were found on Mount Everest, the highest place on Earth, the world got the news after 4 days

Date 29 May 1953 and 11:30 am - Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay of Nepal arrived at Mount Everest at this very moment. The whole world remembers this moment as a historical achievement. 

Today it has been 68 years for this feat. This campaign was from Britain. The whole world received this news 4 days later on June 2. This day was also the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain.

Mount Everest, 29 thousand 32 feet high, is the highest peak in the Himalayas. Due to extremely cold weather, uphill climb, and icy storms, no human was able to reach this peak even after much effort.

In 1921, Britain sent a team of climbers to Mount Everest as part of an expedition. The crew was on its mission, but a terrible ice storm blocked the crew's path. The entire crew left the mission unfinished and returned. 

The effort was not a success, but George Le Melee, who was in the group, saw a slightly easier way to reach the peak. The following year, Mary set out to conquer Mount Everest again. This time reached an altitude of 27 thousand feet, but then the weather did not support it. 

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In this way, efforts continued to conquer Everest. In 1952, Tenzing Norgay did a feat by reaching a height of 28 thousand 210 feet, but the peak of Mount Everest was still far away.

The following year, Britain prepared to send a team led by Colonel John Hunt to Mount Everest. Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary were also part of this team. The team was sent to Mt Everest with complete preparation.

The team began climbing in April 1953. The team had reached a height of 26 thousand feet. The road ahead was even more difficult. On 26 May, Charles Evans and Tom Bordillon, the two men of the crew, began their last ascent. Both had to return due to an oxygen mask malfunction at a distance of about 300 feet from the peak.

On 28 May, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay began climbing. After a day's climb, the night was spent between a fierce icy storm and winter at an altitude of 27 thousand 900 feet. The morning started climbing again and by 9 o'clock both had reached the northern summit. 

Between these two and Mount Everest now stood an icy rock 40 feet high. Hillary reached up through a crack in the middle of the rock with the help of a rope. They threw a rope from there. Norgay came up holding the rope. Both were at the peak of the world at half-past 11.

1972: Prithviraj Kapoor dies

The year 1960. A film was released this year, titled Mughal-e-Azam. This film is counted among the classic films of Hindi cinema. As much as the famous film became, there was also a dialogue of the famous film. 

Akbar says "Salim will not let you die, and we will not let Anarkali live you". Prithviraj Kapoor was the voice behind the dialogue. Today is his death anniversary.

Prithviraj Kapoor, born in Lyallpur, Pakistan, was studying law at Edward College in Peshawar, but the heart seemed to be in theater. So he came to Mumbai from Pakistan by borrowing some money.

Got the first lead role in the film 'Cinema Girl' in the year 1929. After 2 years, the film came out with 'Alam Ara' and started speaking in the cinema with it. Prithviraj was also a part of this film.

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Prithviraj was more interested in theater than films. Hence, he was associated with many theaters along with films. Finally started his own theater in 1944, the name was Prithvi Theater.

Abhigyanasakuntalam written by Kalidasa was the first drama to be screened on the stage of this theater. The Prithvi Theater also staged several plays to increase the participation of the youth in the freedom movement of the country.

After staging each play, Prithviraj Kapoor used to stand with a bag outside the theater. The people who went out after watching the drama used to put some money into it. That was the cost of the theater. 

For the next 16 years, the theater performed a total of 2662 shows in 112 cities in India in 5982 days. Prithviraj Kapoor played the lead role in every show of the theater. In 1960, the theater had to be closed due to the poor health of Prithviraj Kapoor.

Prithviraj Kapoor died of cancer at the age of 64. He was posthumously awarded the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 1972 for his significant contribution to Hindi cinema and theater. Apart from this, the Government of India also honored him with Padma Bhushan.

2015: Heatwave took more than 2300 lives in India

The scorching heat of 2015 killed more than 2300 people in many states of India. The maximum deaths occurred in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The mercury touched 49.5 degrees in Jharsuguda, Odisha. In 2015, it was the highest temperature in any region of India. Humans as well as animals suffered heavy losses due to this heatwave. 50 lakh chickens died in Telangana alone.

The highest number of deaths were from laborers, employed, elderly, and children working at the construction site. About 1 thousand people died in Pakistan due to this heatwave. According to the International Disaster Database website EM-DAT, this heatwave was the 5th most horrific heatwave in history.

May 29 is remembered for other important events in history…

2002: 4 bomb blasts in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. About 39 people died.

1996: Benjamin Netanyahu becomes Prime Minister of Israel.

1988: President of Pakistan Zia-ul-Haq sacked the government and dissolved the parliament.

1985: During the European Football Cup, 39 people died in a clash between fans of two teams.

1947: Establishment of Indian Standards Institute.

1917: US President John. F. Kennedy was born.

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