IRCTC Agent Registration: Earn up to Rs 80,000 every month, know how to apply?

By becoming an IRCTC agent, you can earn good money every month. The process of getting IRCTC agent license is also very easy. After taking the license, you can book train, flight and bus tickets.

IRCTC Agent Registration: Earn up to Rs 80,000 every month, know how to apply?

If you want to earn extra then IRCTC is giving you a great opportunity. You can earn a fixed amount of up to Rs 80,000 per month by becoming an IRCTC ticket booking agent. 

IRCTC is a subsidiary of Indian Railways, which provides online ticket booking to catering services on trains and railway platforms. According to the data, 55 percent of railway tickets are booked through online mode only.

In such a situation, you have a chance to become an online ticket booking agent by joining IRCTC and earn good money every month. IRCTC ticket booking agents book all types of tickets (Tatkal, Waiting List or RAC) online only. IRCTC agent gets good commission on every ticket booking and transaction.

Commission to be paid to authorized booking agent of IRCTC:

As an IRCTC agent, if you book tickets for non-AC class, you get Rs 20 and for AC class, you get Rs 40 per PNR. Apart from this, IRCTC agents get an additional 1% on transactions above Rs 2,000. It is 0.75 per cent for transactions of less than Rs 2,000.

There is no limit on ticket booking per month by any agent. IRCTC agent can book as many tickets as he wants in a month as per his convenience. 

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On an average, an IRCTC agent can earn up to Rs 80,000 per month. If the work is not going well and the business is sluggish, even then they can earn 40-50 thousand rupees.

These facilities are available to authorized agents of IRCTC?

Authorized ticket booking agents can book all types of tickets in bulk. They also get preference in booking Tatkal tickets. 

The cancellation process and policy is very simple for IRCTC's authorized ticket booking agent. These agents provide booking facilities like train, plane, bus, hotel, holiday, forex, prepaid recharge. 

These agents are provided with an online account, under which they can book flight tickets on domestic and international routes. Professional support service is also provided to such agents by IRCTC.

Plans for Authorized Booking Agent:

1. For one year agency, the agent will have to pay Rs 3,999.

2. For agency for two years, the agent will have to pay Rs 6,999.

3. If someone books 100 tickets from an agent then they will have to pay a fee of Rs 10 per ticket.

4. On booking 101 to 300 tickets, the agent will have to pay Rs 8 per ticket.

5. For booking more than 300 tickets every month, the agent will have to pay a fee of Rs 5 per ticket.

How to become IRCTC Authorized Ticket Booking Agent:

1. For this, you have to first submit the online registration form.

2. After this, the required documents, signed application form and declaration form will also have to be submitted.

3. After the verification process is completed, IRCTC will ask for Rs 1,180 to generate your ID.

4. The digital certificate will be issued after completing the OTP and video verification process.

5. After getting the digital certificate, you will have to deposit the IRCTC percentage.

6. After submitting the fee, all the information related to your IRCTC account will be mailed.

7. You can now book online tickets for your clients as an authorized ticket booking agent.

As documents, you will need PAN card, Aadhar card, mobile number, valid email ID, photo, proof of office address, home address, declaration form and registration form.

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