Good news for WhatsApp users!! WhatsApp giving ₹51 for five times - Know the Offer

WhatsApp has now started offering cashback to users on UPI based payments. What has the company said and what is this offer. Let's know.

Good news for WhatsApp users!! WhatsApp giving ₹51 for five times - Know the Offer

WhatsApp is giving Cashback to its users:

WhatsApp payment service has been running in India for some time now. You can send money to each other through WhatsApp. It actually works only on UPI. First you have to setup on WhatsApp, then you can make payment. 

WhatsApp is now preparing to engage more and more people on its platform to use the payment service. For this, now users have started getting cashback. 

WhatsApp has started giving cashback of Rs 51 to users on sending money. Last month itself, the company started UPI based payment in India. In the coming time, Paytm and PhonePe are going to compete. 

WhatsApp has currently displayed banners for the Android app. Here 'Give Cash, Get 51 back' is written in the top of the chat. According to the company, you can win a cashback of Rs 51 five times by sending money to different contacts. 

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The good thing is that no minimum amount has been kept under this offer. That is, by sending Rs 10 to anyone, you can get a cashback of Rs 51 from WhatsApp. Its limit is only five times. 

The thing to note is that at present this cashback offer is only for WhatsApp users of beta version of Android. Soon the company can roll it out to all users. 

Because the company wants to get more and more users to do UPI based transactions on its platform. 

Paytm, PhonePe and Google Pay are considered popular UPI based money transfer platforms in India. Cashback has also been given in Google Pay. Now WhatsApp is also running on the same lines. 

For cashback, WhatsApp has also introduced cards like Google Pay. This is actually for Personalized Experience. This feature will also be available only for Android beta users. 

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