Know the Recipe of 'Maggie in Stuffed Chili'? Enjoy the Viral Video of Maggi Mirch

Maggi New Version: Often we like to eat Maggi in different tastes and in different ways, but have you seen the combination with this new version of Maggi?

Know the Recipe of 'Maggie in Stuffed Chili'? Enjoy the Viral Video of Maggi Mirch

• New version of Maggi came out

• Maggi tempering in between green chilies

• Netizens gave some such reactions

Maggi is a universal fast food which is liked by everyone from kids to adults. Be it a student or a bachelor, everyone is crazy about Maggi. 

Maggi is one such dish, which has remained the favorite food of people for a long time. If you feel hungry, you can fill your stomach by eating Maggi at any time in the morning, afternoon or evening. 

However, many times people also do ooty-patang experiments with Maggi. Yes, something similar has been seen happening with Maggi.

New version of Maggi came out:

People have different ways of eating Maggi. Some people eat plain Maggi, while some people add vegetables to it. Not only this, many times people eat it by mixing egg or non-veg. 

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Now a person has adopted a strange way to eat Maggi. However, recently people were also angry with some strange version of Maggi on social media. 

One such version is going viral on social media these days. The name of this new version is Stuffed Chilly Maggi.

Maggi tempering in between green chilies:

A picture of this version of Maggi recipe has gone viral on the internet, where noodles are stuffed inside big green chillies. People are reacting in their own way on this version of Maggi. 

Although it seems that this version of Maggi did not like the netizens at all. On this, users gave their different reactions. Some people also shared other strange combos of Maggi. 

Some comments on the picture going viral are funny. One user commented, 'Maggi chili's tempered, the whole Twitter raged.' While another user wrote, 'Maybe it may taste good.'

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