The Biggest Social Media Company Facebook will change it's Name

Facebook, the largest social media company, will soon be re-branding. Facebook also includes companies like Instagram and WhatsApp. So now the company is going to re-brand.

The Biggest Social Media Company Facebook will change it's Name

WhatsApp 's parent company Facebook will soon be re-branded. Facebook will soon be known by a new brand name. An announcement could be made in the next few weeks. Facebook's business is growing rapidly. 

So the company is likely to re-brand Facebook just like Google. Facebook's new brand, however, will not have a direct impact on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp users.

Facebook was started as a social media company. However, there are currently several companies operating under Facebook. 

So it is trying to bring other companies under the same brand name. This will help Facebook to run its business properly.

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Facebook is not the first company to change its brand name. Earlier in 2016, Google had re-branded Alphabet. The search engine Google and other subsidiaries are working under this.

In 2016, Snapchat renamed it Snap Inc. Similarly, Facebook will also be re-branding. This led to Instagram and companies like WhatsApp will work under the new brand. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg hinted at this.

Meanwhile, Facebook has not yet commented on the matter. There are currently more than 10,000 people working on Facebook. Which is working on new products like, AR Glasses. 

According to reports, Facebook is also working on smartphones. Apart from this, work is also underway on Metaverse. So the company wants to manage all the businesses properly.

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