So because of this, Egg and Chicken will not be Cheap

The wholesale price of eggs in Lucknow ranges from Rs 438 to Rs 500 per 100 eggs. At the same time, the price of eggs in the retail market ranges from Rs 150 to Rs 180 per 30 eggs.

So because of this, Egg and Chicken will not be Cheap

The Shradh Paksha has started and after the completion of Shradh, Navratri will also start. In view of these two festivals, a decline in the demand for eggs and chicken can be seen for the coming month. 

Traders say that despite Shradh and Navratri, there is no hope of a fall in the prices of eggs and chicken this time as the cost of farmers is increasing continuously. 

Apart from this, there has been no significant reduction in the demand for eggs and chicken during Shradh and Navratri in the last few years.

Why egg and chicken will not be cheap:

Nawab Ali Akbar, president of the Uttar Pradesh Poultry Farmers Association, told that the price of the grains fed to the chickens in the poultry farm has increased. 

He told that the price of grains which used to be Rs 30 to 32 per kg for feeding chickens, is now getting Rs 42 to 45 per kg.

According to Nawab Ali, 25 to 30 percent soy and 50 to 55 percent maize are used in the feed fed to chickens. While there has been a fall in the prices of soya, there has been a substantial increase in the prices of maize.

Egg and Chicken Price

Nawab Ali told that the wholesale price of an egg in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, is Rs 4.38 to Rs 5. At the same time, in retail, the common man has to spend 5 to 6 rupees to buy an egg. 

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Apart from this, the wholesale price of chicken in the mandis is Rs 90 per kg, which after going to the retail markets is being sold at a price of Rs 180 to 200 per kg.

Soybean prices fall sharply

In Maharashtra, the price of soybean has gone up to Rs 5000 per quintal. The same price of soybean was up to 10 thousand rupees per quintal some time ago. 

Let us inform you that the central government has recently approved the import of soymeal. Experts believe that the government's approval to import soymeal can also be one of the main reasons for the fall in soybean prices.

Despite the fall in the prices of soybeans, there is no fall in the prices of eggs and chicken because the benefits of soybean prices to the poultry farmers are being passed on to the increased prices of maize.

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