Upstox Refer And Earn Proof : Earn Real Money Upto ₹4,600 | Follow these Steps

Hello friends, we know a platform written in this article will help people to earn millions and this platform is growing every day .

Upstox Refer And Earn Proof : Earn Real Money Upto ₹4,600 | Follow these Steps

What is Upstox how to earn money from Upstox?

Friends, Upstox is a platform that provides you the service of investing in share market (stocks) and mutual fund investing, investing in digital gold, and trading them. 

If you are interested in share market then you can open upstox demat account. Till now Upstox is a popular app with 10 million downloader 195k reviews of the platform,

How To Earn Money From Upstox?

It is understandable that we can open our demat account on Upstox . But when it comes to making money from Upstox , then we think how to earn money from Upstox. 

Let us tell you how you can earn money from Upstox

Friends, when our Upstox demat account is opened , then we get a refer code , if we get other people's Upstox demat account open with our referral code, then Upstox gives us ₹ 800 per account . 

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If we open Upstox demat account of 3 people in a day, then in 1 day we can earn 24 rupees comfortably. Or even more it depends on you how many people you can add in a day. Next we are giving you information about opening an account on Up Stock . 

What are the documents required to open an account on Upstox?

Friends, to open an account on Upstox, first of all your age should be more than 18 years . Talking about other documents, you must have PAN card and Aadhar card . If your age is more than 18 years in Aadhar card then it will be valid. 

Steps to Open an Upstox Account:

First of all, you have to open an account on Upstox, if you go to the Upstox website directly, then your account will not be able to open, so we are providing you the link below, from here you can open the account. 

Account Opening Link 

Special Request- Please complete all process of your account otherwise you will not get money. 

When you click on the link given above, first of all you will get to see the interface shown in the screenshot, then in this you will see this:

1. First of all, enter your email address and your mobile number, enter the same mobile number on which you want to send OTP. 

2. Submit your OTP 

3. After submitting the OTP, now you have to enter your PAN card number. As well as your date of birth which is in the PAN card. 

4. After this, let me choose your full name and whether it is female or male. 

5. Are you politically connected, then you have to choose no in this option . 

6. Is your mobile number linked with Aadhar card, in this you have to tick yes . 

Now Upstox KYC Steps:

1. Submit your bank IFSC code

2. Submit your account number repeat 

3. Select the current account or saving account

4. After this, now your digital signature will be done, you should sign here. 

5. After this you have to take your photo, this option will come in your browser, your browser will ask permission to open the camera, allow it.

6. Now click your photo and submit 

Now you have your Aadhar card verification for Digi locker will hyperlink open it to the base card validation are involved in several base cards put you based cards will be OTP sand that the OTP you here have to submit. 

After verification of Digilocker, there is not much process left now Upstox team will verify your documents and your account will be activated and it take at least 2-3 days to wait for 2 days. 

After your account is activated, the Upstox login ID will be sent to you through your id and password via email. 

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After login your Upstox ID, you will see at the bottom of your home page, you will see refer and earn option here, with the help of this you can add your friends, first of all, share this referral with your friends. 

When you will refer Upstox to your friends, first of all, you have to open their Demat account and their id will take at least 2 days for their Upstox id to be activated when their id will be activated.

Your account will be credited with ₹ 1200 in the same way, you can continue earning from Upstox. 


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