Kitchen Hacks: Make Gond Laddoos in Winter, the problem of Heart and Cancer will Remain Away

Benefits Of Tragacanth: Gum is very beneficial for health. You can eat gond ladoos in winters. Gum gives warmth and strength to the body.

Kitchen Hacks: Make Gond Laddoos in winter, the problem of heart and cancer will remain away

Gond Ke Laddu Recipe: Gajak and Laddu are most commonly eaten in winters. Various types of laddus are made in many homes throughout the winter. 

In such a situation, you can also eat gum laddus by making them. Gond laddus are more nutritious than they are delicious to eat

Eating gond laddus in winter brings both heat and strength to the body. You can have one laddu every morning for breakfast. You can also eat them with milk at night. 

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If you eat gond laddus in winter, then you and your family will be healthy for the whole season. Know the recipe of making gond ke laddu at home.

Ingredients of Gond ke Laddu:

• 1 cup wheat flour

• 1 cup boora

• Cup ghee

• Cup gum

• 10-12 cashew nuts

• 2 tbsp melon seeds

• 4 cardamom powder

Gond ke Laddu Recipe:

1- First break the gum into small pieces and cut cashew nuts.

2- Now heat more than half the ghee in a pan. Now add gum to it and fry it while stirring.

3- Gum has to be fried on low flame only. When it swells, then it is well cooked.

4- If you want, take a piece of gum and see it by pressing it with your hand. If it becomes like sawdust, then the gum is cooked.

5- Take out the gum in a plate. You have to roast all the gum in this way. 

6- Now put the rest of the ghee in the pan and fry the flour till it becomes light brown.

7- Fry the flour on low flame only, when the aroma starts coming, take it out in a plate. 

8- Now lightly fry the melon seeds in the same pan. The seeds splutter while roasting, so cover them with a plate and fry them.

9- Grind the gum a little and make it finely and mix cashew nuts, seeds and cardamom powder in it. 

10- Now mix gum and all the things in a big vessel. 

11- Make laddus from this mixture and keep them in a vessel. You can eat these laddus for a full 2 ​​months.

12- Gum laddoos are very tasty to eat in winter, which make you healthy

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